Hiring the Best Talent Is Still a Priority for Businesses – According to New Study by the HR Research Institute

By HR Vendor News | July 16, 2020

Despite the economic setback and higher unemployment rates associated with the coronavirus crisis, talent acquisition (TA) remains a high priority for most organizations. Recent human resources (HR) research found that most HR professionals (81%) say their organization considers hiring the best talent to still be among their top ten priorities. Fewer, however, say hiring great… Partners with Allen Interactions to Equip the HR Community in eLearning Advancement

By HR Vendor News | July 14, 2020, the largest network of human resource (HR) executives, has partnered with renowned eLearning leaders at Allen Interactions to launch a series of online courses to introduce the HR community to a fresh, agile approach to learning and development (L&D) and employee training.  With the workforces required to work online and remotely, there is a… Announces New Partnership with Thoughtexchange to Foster Collaboration and Connection, Empowering Professionals

By HR Vendor News | June 23, 2020

Jacksons Point, Ontario, Canada  –, the largest network of human resources (HR) executives and resource and education platform for HR, has announced their latest partnership with Thoughtexchange to bring about more engagement opportunities, community collaboration, and inclusive conversations at HR events, programs, and more.  Thoughtexchange’s innovative technology allows every person in the crowd to…

Expectations for HR are Higher than Ever Before – According to New Study by the HR Research Institute

By HR Vendor News | June 22, 2020

Even before the current coronavirus pandemic, most human resources (HR) professionals were unprepared to thrive in the future. Now that the crisis has hit, more is demanded from HR than at any other time in history. The free research report, The Future of the HR Function 2020, is now available for download.’s Research Institute…

Initiatives are Lacking to Increase the Proportion of Women in Business Leadership – According to New Study by the HR Research Institute

By HR Vendor News | June 11, 2020

Women remain under-represented in business leadership positions, and most organizations are not doing all they can to remedy the situation. The majority of HR professionals (68%) say their company does not hold senior leaders personally accountable for increasing the number of women in leadership positions. In addition, most companies (77%) are not incentivizing managers to…

Businesses Offering Voluntary Employee Benefits Are Reaping the Rewards – According to New Study by the HR Research Institute

By HR Vendor News | May 19, 2020

At a time when many employees and employers are under financial stress, some organizations are assisting them via various types of voluntary benefits, as suggested by new research from  Voluntary benefits can potentially also help improve the overall employee experience and address the problematic issue of work/life balance. The free research report, Voluntary Benefits…

INSPIRE, the unparalleled virtual event in the HR space, fills the conference void this year with over 300 sessions, 500 exhibitors and an estimated 30,000 attendees

By HR Vendor News | May 5, 2020

Jacksons Point, Ontario, Canada —, the largest network of human resource (HR) executives, will be hosting an all-inclusive virtual event, INSPIRE, from June 22 – 26, 2020 with five days of valuable content, including ten different tracks of education for HR professionals (two themed tracks) per day.  As the foremost trusted industry resource for…

Alliance for Corporate Resilience Forms to Provide Research , Advocacy, and Action for Businesses in the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

By HR Vendor News | April 16, 2020

Thursday, April 16. 2020, Palm Beach Gardens, FL: The Alliance of Corporate Resilience (ACR) has been formed by three experts in the talent management industry, Louis Carter, David Nour, and John Baldoni. The three experts formed ACR to discover the depth of problems and identify immediate solutions to the crisis in corporations. ACR is conducting… Launches Coronavirus Chatbot and Series of Educational Webcasts to Help Employers and Employees Navigate the Virus

By HR Vendor News | March 11, 2020, in partnership with Capacity, has launched an online resource, a Coronavirus Chatbot, to help employers stay well informed and have a strategy in place for their business and their workforce. With a state of emergency being declared in many countries and several states within the U.S., employers are searching for answers. This innovative and…

HR Moves Beyond Employee Engagement to Human Experience – According to New Study by the HR Research Institute

By HR Vendor News | March 9, 2020

Most HR professionals say that workplace experiences have become more important in recent years. When asked about their importance to the HR department, fully 72% of HR professionals say the importance of employee experience is very high, and 63% indicate the same thing about the more comprehensive topic of human experience (HX).  Furthermore, nearly half…