HRTech247 and HR Tech Alliances Collaborate to Offer 365 Day Exposure via a Bundled Deal Benefitting the Vendors & Their Future Customers

Coatesville, Pennsylvania ( Thursday Oct 12, 2023 @ 3:45 PM Pacific —

HR Tech Alliances, a leading provider of collaboration and support services for technology vendors, has joined forces with HRTech247, a prominent platform for HR technology solutions. This strategic partnership aims to coordinate efforts in order to offer the best possible options for customers in the marketplace.

Under the leadership of Ward Christman, co-founder of HR Tech Alliances, and Bob Rehill, ceo of HRTech247, both companies have prioritized the importance of collaboration and support of the vendor community. In coming together, they seek to streamline the process of delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to customers.

In a bid to highlight the benefits of collaboration, Ward Christman and Bob Rehill have created a special combined membership deal that includes access to both the HR Tech Alliances Community Platform and the HRTech247 platform. This collaboration reinforces the commitment of both companies to foster a supportive environment for technology vendors, ensuring that they are well-equipped to meet the needs of their customers.

The first offering resulting from this partnership is a bundled deal that aims to provide significant cost savings to the software vendor executives, enabling them to leverage the full potential of the HR Tech Alliances and HRTech247 platforms. By taking advantage of this bundled offering, companies can save 20% off both subscriptions. To take advantage of this offer, and experience the advantages of vendor collaboration and brand exposure to the buyer community, interested parties can place their orders at

Commenting on the partnership, Ward Christman stated, “We want to make sure that technology vendors are collaborating and supporting each other in delivering the best possible technology for their common customers.” This combined offering will provide more comprehensive, innovative solutions tailored to the needs of the market.

Adding to the combined vision, Bob Rehill shared, “Our contribution is really showcasing software vendors globally and what they do, and creating a teaser environment where buyers can browse and have a look at what’s available without having to register, without having to give their name or their email address.” Since the content is not ‘gated,’ the buyers will explore more profiles, and have a better experience when they can ‘shop’ anonymously.

For further information about the partnership between HR Tech Alliances and HRTech247, please visit their respective websites or contact their representatives directly.

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HRTech247 is a prominent platform for HR technology solutions. By connecting HR professionals with cutting-edge technology providers, the platform facilitates the identification and implementation of innovative HR solutions for businesses of all sizes. More info at

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