Is Your Workplace Ready For AI?

Las Vegas, NV ( Thursday Jun 29, 2023 @ 7:00 AM Eastern —

“Where should we get started with AI?” It was a question asked by multiple attendees in a standing-room-only session at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2023 annual conference titled “AI for HR: What is coming?” hosted by SHRM Senior Vice President of Enterprise Solutions, George Rivera, with featured presenter and workplace AI expert, Clint Carlos, co-founder of

In response, Human Resource professionals now have a unique opportunity to participate in a Workplace AI Readiness Audit to help them answer the question that lingers in the minds of HR professionals around the world. This initiative, available at, underscores Soar’s commitment to guiding the HR community in their journey toward human-empowering AI applications in the workplace.

In the AI for HR session, HR leaders voiced both curiosity and apprehension about the coming tidal wave of AI and the myriad ways it will disrupt traditional workplaces and affect the human condition. Each organization needs to determine where the greatest leverage points exist for adopting AI and how to ethically align AI and HI (human intelligence) to create the best workplace scenario for employees and employers to thrive. In his closing conference keynote, SHRM CEO, Johnny Taylor, underscored the opportunity for HR to thrive in the “new abnormal” while indicating “HR must be that person everyone can trust and that person who can predict how humans will respond to action and behaviors. We need to understand our people at the deepest levels.”

To assist HR leaders in determining the best path forward with AI, Carlos – who has been a trusted advisor on building better workplaces, with past clients such as Google, Facebook, Kraft Foods, and others – guides HR leaders through Workplace AI Readiness audits. Through this process, HR leaders discover potential opportunities and challenges, learning the nuances of how AI can best serve their organization. HR leaders walk away from this audit with the knowledge and expertise to lead their organizations into the future of AI. Since every workplace is different, the audit examines organizational structure, values, and roles to uncover a variety of ways AI can help a particular workplace flourish. HR leaders gain access to comprehensive industry analysis on the best-fitting AI solutions to match their needs.

About, Inc., co-founded by Clint Carlos and Paul Allen, co-founder of, focuses on the development of innovative technologies designed to revolutionize how people communicate and work. Through the power of artificial intelligence,, Inc. aims to transform digital workplaces into more efficient and productive environments.

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