Prosperix Grows its Sales Team with Skills and Insights from Industry Veteran Danielle Cattaneo

San Jose, California ( Tuesday Nov 1, 2022 @ 11:45 AM Eastern —

Prosperix, a workforce solutions company, continues to impact the industry with its patent-pending VMS technology and Prosperix Xponential, the company’s new bundled workforce management solution. To meet the growing demand for the company’s leading extended workforce management technology and solutions, Prosperix is pleased to announce that Danielle Cattaneo now serves as Director of Enterprise Solutions.

Danielle, a veteran of the non-employee labor industry, has provided enterprise solutions for Fortune 500 and 100 companies, as well as solutions for mid-market organizations, so she understands the distinct challenges – and workforce solutions needs – of a range of companies. “Having helped companies deal with many dramatic economic shifts over the years, I’ve seen just how vital it is that they have access to the most modern technology for workforce management. I am thrilled to join Prosperix and share the company’s dynamic, flexible solutions that allow our clients to become agile and resilient, so they are ready to meet every change that comes along.”

A savvy trendwatcher, she said that as the global economy continues to change in unpredictable ways, companies need to be able to respond quickly. Her recent experience at a large staffing agency provided even more evidence that capital expenditures are a concern for many, causing delayed projects, reduced hiring budgets, and even potential downsizing. Some more fortunate firms that are expanding are also facing challenges with today’s continued worker shortage, especially with certain skill sets. “Prosperix has a solution that allows every client to tap into the right talent pools and find the best talent that fits within their budget,” Danielle said. “And we can help them modernize their processes with minimal disruption and cost.”

Prosperix’s sales and operations teams work in close concert, and both will benefit from Danielle’s deep and broad knowledge and expertise. “Danielle is truly a client evangelist who is committed to building not only individual client successes but also to improving the future of work. Her consultative style is exactly what we need to continue our push to provide a candidate-centric experience that secures the best talent for every job, no matter what the parameters,” said Scott Giroux, vice president of sales and operations at Prosperix. “She will help us ensure that our clients won’t be left behind as the pace of change only accelerates.”

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