Talent Plus Launches Market Differentiator in the Selection and Development Space

Lincoln, Nebraska (Newsworthy.ai) Tuesday Aug 1, 2023 @ 6:00 AM Pacific —

Makenzie Rath, President, Talent Plus, calls the launch of Talent+Ready℠ and the Readiness Rating Scale℠ game changers, “In an era of ‘The Great Resignation/Reassignment,’ this interactive solution reveals a clear picture of mid-level and senior leaders bench strength within an organization, enabling promotions to be based on both the talent required for the role and the readiness to take on the role – all while leveling the playing field which reduces the potential for bias. Talent+Ready limits ‘The Peter Principle’ – a belief that because one is talented at one level, they should automatically be promoted to the next, only to learn they have reached their level of incompetence rather than excelling. As well, Talent+Ready allows those who are prepared to lead at a higher level take on that next level leadership. Designed for current employees of an organization; Talent+Ready can be used for promotional decisions, as well as development.”

Talent+Ready℠ is an industry-disruptive, scientifically predictive tool to identify an organization’s future mid-level and senior-level leaders and know when they are ready to take on more. Individuals being considered for mid-level and senior-level roles are ideal participants in Talent+Ready to determine who has both the talent and readiness to be promoted to mid-level leadership or senior-level leadership. Talent+Ready provides talent planning guidance at the juncture of two key leader dimensions — Talent and Readiness. Talent is measured by Talent Plus’ highly predictive assessments, Operational Manager Talent Online Assessment℠ for mid-level and its Executive Interview for senior-level. Readiness is measured by Talent Plus’ breakthrough Readiness Rating Scale℠, scientifically evaluating the next-level readiness of an individual from the perspective of who knows that person’s work best – their leader. This science answers the question: “Are they ready?” With three simple answers – Yes, Not Yet or No. Results are visualized in an interactive dashboard with the ability to drill down based on customizable filters (by person, team, division, location, KPIs, etc.) giving leaders and their organization an easy-to-view, high-level, immersive talent landscape all at their fingertips.

Talent+Ready is the ideal solution to make an organization successful in:

  • Talent planning: Place people in the right jobs at the right time based on strategy, internal mobility and future talent needs
  • Succession planning: Identify the right successors at the right time, preparing frontline and mid-level leaders successful transition to mid-level and upper-level leadership
  • Development planning: Recognize individual and team growth needs
  • Enhancing leadership: Provide leaders and managers with scientific data on how to best lead and coach those around them
  • Talent optimization: Arm teams with their best talents to leverage for success

concludes Rath, “Many organizations focus on leadership competencies, proximity or necessity when planning for their future. Our new solution offers the opportunity to focus on not only talent but the intersection of readiness. Talent+Ready is not only unique in the marketplace but is so critical now.”

About Talent Plus, Inc®

Talent Plus, Inc. is the premier human capital and talent management consulting partner. By following our principles: Recognize, Engage, Accelerate and Lead, you can leverage the natural talents of your employees to make the greatest individual and organizational impact — assessing, selecting, onboarding, developing, coaching, engaging and retaining the right people with the right talents to grow and gain a sustained competitive advantage. With offices in the USA and Singapore, visit www.talentplus.com or call 1-(800) VARSITY (827-7489).

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