Utah’s Business Elevated Podcast Interviews Soar.com Founder Paul Allen About the Future of AI

Salt Lake City, Utah (Newsworthy.ai) Thursday Jun 8, 2023 @ 7:00 AM Eastern —

The Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity invited Paul Allen, founder and CEO of Soar.com, Inc., to be a featured guest on a recent episode of the Business Elevated Podcast. Best known as one of the co-founders of Ancestry.com, Allen’s latest venture shifts focus from the past to the future, exploring the realm of artificial intelligence.

In the episode, Allen discusses his journey from the early days of Ancestry.com to the birth of Soar.com, a cutting-edge technology company that aims to empower humans to self-determine their relationship with AI. Allen has gathered a world-class team of technologists, working together to ensure the responsible and ethical development of AI technologies that benefit society as a whole. Although Allen left Utah in 2020, he has lived in Utah County almost all his life. And even as a virtual company, Soar.com has more employees in Utah than anywhere else.

“The tagline for Soar is Uplift Humanity,” says Allen. “The recipe for doing that is by starting with people’s strengths and potential, helping them develop that potential, helping them really grow and become a contributor and experience excellence in all aspects of life. Because I’m a technologist at heart, I thought that software and AI could play a key role in all of that.” Interviewer Pete Codella summarizes the Soar.com mission in this way: “It’s about artificial intelligence, or AI, helping us learn what we need to know to make good decisions and achieve great things in all aspects of life.”

Listeners will gain insights into Allen’s experiences as a successful entrepreneur and learn about his vision for the future of AI. The conversation will touch upon the challenges and opportunities presented by the AI revolution and how Soar.com is contributing to the advancement of human-centric AI solutions.

The Business Elevated Podcast, produced by Utah’s Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity, showcases the state’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem and innovative thought leaders like Paul Allen. Don’t miss this enlightening and inspiring episode, available for streaming and download on all major podcast platforms.

For more information about the Business Elevated Podcast and to listen to the episode, visit https://business.utah.gov/podcast/learning-from-the-past-preparing-for-the-future/. To learn more about Soar, Inc., visit https://try.soar.com/

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