XBInsight Launches New High Volume Assessment Platform, XBL

Providence, RI (Newsworthy.ai) Thursday Jun 15, 2023 @ 10:00 AM Eastern —

XBInsight, a leading talent assessment company and partner to the world’s most prestigious companies, today announced the launch of its latest innovation – the XBL High-Volume Assessment Platform. As the company celebrates its 20th year of revolutionizing the talent assessment and pre-employment testing market, the new XBL solution is transforming high-volume hiring with the scientific rigor and predictive power of a state-of-the-art assessment built for the speed and accuracy required for today’s recruitment environment.

“Over the last two decades, we have developed over 20 products that provide executives and companies the insight and data they need to achieve better talent and workforce outcomes, all backed by the same level of science, research, and rigor we have insisted on from the beginning,” said Kathi Graham-Leviss, XBInsight CEO and founder. “Today, we are excited to release our XBL High Volume Assessment Platform that removes the most common barriers to volume hiring, making it easier for companies to evaluate job applicants quickly, accurately, and more cost-effectively with one powerful assessment.”

Key features of the XBL High Volume Assessment Platform include:

    • Validated candidate profiles for any high-volume role across a broad range of industries.
    • Measuring multiple competencies and benchmarking the exact skills that predict success.
    • Engaging and mobile-friendly, 24/7 candidate experience and user accessibility.
    • Developed by I/O psychologists, scientifically validated and tested.
    • Easily integrates into any ATS or talent management system.

    With the XBL solution, companies can equip their HR leaders and high-volume recruiters with a powerful tool that drives a range of improved recruiting and hiring outcomes, such as:

    • Reduce time-consuming, manual screening of candidates.
    • Drive diversity and inclusion with a more consistent, objective screening and hiring process.
    • Achieve faster time-to-fill and reduced attrition with better quality hires.
    • Create exceptional candidate experiences and engagement throughout the hiring cycle.

    “Competing priorities, changing labor market dynamics, and productivity demands mean talent acquisition teams are often overworked and under stress to meet the objectives of the business, particularly in a high-volume staffing environment,” said Graham-Leviss. “Our XBL solution provides robust dashboards, easy-to-interpret reports, and intelligent automation to make their job easier while equipping them with the data and insights they need to meet and exceed their key performance goals.”

    Learn more about the XBL High Volume Assessment Platform or request a demo today.

    About XBInsight

    XBInsight is one of the most sophisticated talent assessment and coaching firms in the country. Since its inception over two decades ago, XBInsight has developed and launched over 20 products, all backed by the highest levels of science, research, and rigor. Partnering with the world’s leading enterprises across 50+ industries, many of whom have worked with the company for over 18 years, XBInsight gives clients the actionable information they need to make smart people decisions that drive business impact and further the careers of the executives they coach.

    Visit www.xbinsight.com to learn more.

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