ARAG Provides Tips to Safeguard Personal Information from Fraudsters

Because consumer fraud is a constant threat, it’s important for consumers to protect their financial and legal wellness at all times, according to ARAG®, a global leader of legal insurance whose products provide identity theft prevention and resolution assistance.

“The sun never sets on fraudsters,” says Jim Barone, JD, Senior Vice President at ARAG. “The Federal Trade Commission reports that in 2009 identity theft was the number one consumer complaint in America for the tenth consecutive year, representing one out of every five consumer complaints.”

The latest FTC report, Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book for January-December 2009, shows credit card fraud was the most common form of reported identity theft, followed by government documents/benefits fraud, phone or utilities fraud and employment fraud.

“Consumer fraud is a top-of-mind concern for many Americans. An ARAG-Russell Research study, Legal Needs of Today’s Multi-Generational Workforce, last year reported that identity theft and credit card theft were among the top 10 legal concerns of Americans,” states Barone. “It’s important that consumers use common sense, be cautious with personal information and look to reputable resources to help safeguard their security,” he adds.

ARAG offers several tips to protect consumers against fraud including: Check financial statements and credit card accounts for suspicious activity. Monitor online exposure and privacy settings. Don’t over share personal information on social media sites. Keep phone, email and home contact information private. Store your sensitive or little-used information in a secure location. Carry only the personal identification that you need. Keep your wallet, purse or personal items in a safe place at all times. Contact the major consumer reporting companies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) each year for a free copy of your credit report.

According to the FTC, starting April 1 advertising for “free credit reports” will require new disclosures to help consumers avoid confusing “free” offers, which often require consumers to spend money on credit monitoring or other products and services.

ARAG ( has an international premium base of almost $2 billion and protects 15.5 million individuals and their families — worldwide. It offers comprehensive legal plans that provide a smart and trusted path for resolving legal issues. This enables people to protect their families, finances and futures.

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