What Are the Best Candidate Relationship Management Tools for Startups and SMBs?

What Are the Best Candidate Relationship Management Tools for Startups and SMBs?

To help startups and SMBs navigate the vast landscape of Candidate Relationship Management tools, we’ve gathered insights from nine industry professionals, including HR leaders and company founders. They offer their top recommendations, from the comprehensive and user-friendly Workable to HubSpot, a valuable marketing insight provider. Discover their expert opinions to make an informed decision for your business.

  • Workable: Comprehensive and User-Friendly
  • Greenhouse: Robust and Effective
  • Bamboo HR: Automation and Reporting Features
  • Zoho Recruit: Personal Recommendation
  • iCIMS: Accelerating the Hiring Process
  • KEKA: Testimonial From LambdaTest
  • Recruitly: User-Friendly With Robust Features
  • Lever: User-Friendly With Valuable Insights
  • HubSpot: Valuable Marketing Insight Provider

Workable: Comprehensive and User-Friendly

Workday is the premier enterprise-level applicant tracking system (ATS), then the SMB equivalent is definitely Workable.

Workable balances ease of use with a comprehensive suite of features, ensuring that small businesses can rapidly onboard themselves with ease.

This makes Workable substantially easier to use than the big enterprise players on the market, while still providing the vast majority of features and functions that you would expect. It’s the best small business solution that we have come across, and it ticks all the boxes that SMB customers would want.

Workable also offers a free trial, giving startups and small businesses plenty of opportunity to explore their platform, another enormous advantage over the enterprise players in the ATS market.

Chloe YarwoodChloe Yarwood
HR Manager, Test Partnership

Greenhouse: Robust and Effective

Greenhouse is effective for startups and SMBs. It’s not just an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), but a robust Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) tool as well.

It’s scalable, user-friendly, and integrates smoothly with other HR tools. Plus, its powerful analytics and reporting can provide meaningful insights into your hiring processes. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife for your recruitment needs.

Lou ReverchukLou Reverchuk
Co-Founder and CEO, EchoGlobal

Bamboo HR: Automation and Reporting Features

Bamboo HR is a favorite candidate-relationship management tool. It’s a one-stop shop for recruitment needs and helps remove inefficiencies. The tool offers automation features, which make operations faster.

Using this tool, engaging email campaigns can offer relevant and informative content, build strong connections, and diversify talent pools with qualified candidates. Also, this tool offers reporting and analytics features.

It enables businesses to know which sourcing channels are performing well. Therefore, startups or SMBs could benefit from using Bamboo HR for its easy user interface and rich features.

Perry ZhengPerry Zheng
Founder and CEO, Pallas

Zoho Recruit: Personal Recommendation

As someone with firsthand experience, I can confidently recommend Zoho Recruit as the best Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) tool for startups and SMBs.

With features like applicant tracking, automated workflows, a candidate database, job board integration, and email communication, Zoho Recruit streamlines the hiring process and enhances candidate management.

Having used Zoho Recruit for research and understanding, I can vouch for its effectiveness. Simplify your recruitment efforts and build a valuable talent pool with Zoho Recruit—the ideal CRM tool for startups and SMBs.

Faizan KhanFaizan Khan
PR and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy UK

iCIMS: Accelerating the Hiring Process

iCIMS is a fantastic tool for hiring because it has powerful candidate relationship management (CRM) features. It should accelerate the hiring process and improve candidate involvement. iCIMS offers a potent ATS that enables you to track and manage applicant information effectively.

A single database makes it simple to maintain and arrange candidate profiles, resumes, and conversation logs, facilitating information retrieval when required.

You can create and maintain talent pools of potential candidates using iCIMS as well. Candidates can be divided into groups according to a variety of factors, such as skills, experience, location, or qualifications. This enables you to search for and find qualified applicants for upcoming job openings effectively.

Ali AshrafAli Ashraf
Director of Operations, App Development Force

KEKA: Testimonial From LambdaTest

We use KEKA as our Candidate Relationship Management Tool, which helps us in Performance Management, Expenses Management, OKR setting, etc., and is well integrated with payroll vendors.

Pooja SharmaPooja Sharma
Marketing Consultant, LambdaTest

Recruitly: User-Friendly With Robust Features

With Candidate Relationship Management tools, Recruitly stands out. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, the platform simplifies the recruitment process, from sourcing and candidate tracking to interview scheduling and onboarding.

This cost-effective tool helps businesses build and nurture strong candidate relationships, ensuring a simple hiring experience for both recruiters and applicants.

Marco Genaro PalmaMarco Genaro Palma
Co-Founder, TechNews180

Lever: User-Friendly With Valuable Insights

Lever is one of the finest candidate relationship management (CRM) tools for startups and SMBs. It provides a user-friendly and robust platform that facilitates the entire recruitment process, making it ideal for smaller organizations with limited resources.

Lever’s CRM capabilities enable organizations to build and sustain meaningful relationships with candidates, ‌ensuring a positive candidate experience. It provides easy-to-use communication tools to engage with candidates and build strong relationships from the initial contact efficiently.

In addition, Lever’s collaboration features enable seamless coordination between hiring teams, ‌augmenting the productivity of the recruitment process.

Lever’s customizable reporting and analytics provide valuable insights for optimizing recruitment strategies and measuring the success of recruiting initiatives.

Michael CallahanMichael Callahan
Founder and Director, The Callahan Law Firm

HubSpot: Valuable Marketing Insight Provider

We recently started using HubSpot, and it almost immediately changed the way we do business. From client intake to source tracking and workflows, it has helped provide valuable insight into our most valuable marketing efforts and‌ where we are wasting our money.

Richard FrankelRichard Frankel
Attorney and Owner, Bross & Frankel, PA

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