Batrus Hollweg International (BHI), the leading human capital management consulting firm for the restaurant industry, has announced the addition of new features to its applicant tracking system, Click and Hire.

Click and Hire is designed to be comprehensive, yet simple and easy to use. It is the clear choice for the restaurant industry due to the fact that it is user-friendly and cost effective. BHI has upgraded Click and Hire by adding new product features and functionality. These features include Activity History, Calendar Integration, Post Hire Perspective, and HR Analytics.

“These new features are designed to make the hiring process even more seamless and efficient,” said Lori Bierman, V.P. Talent Solutions at BHI. “Each of these features will provide the client with valuable information to support their talent management strategy.”

Activity History allows recruiters to track an applicant through the entire hiring process and manages communications from Click and Hire to both applicants and users. Calendar Integration allows the user to automatically send out calendar invitations for candidate interviews, orientation, and other activities and to easily coordinate interactions between applicants and the management team. Post Hire Perspective allows the user to view and track hires separately from applicants. HR analytics gives users access to a variety of data through interactive graphs that allow them to track and evaluate quantity, quality, and source of hire.

“BHI is committed to continually adding new features to Click and Hire to help our clients effectively manage their applicants at all levels within the organization and save valuable time,” said Bierman. “We partner with our clients and utilize their input to continuously improve our products and ensure that they are useful and cost effective.”

Click and Hire is part of BHI’s comprehensive service offering of cutting-edge talent management solutions designed to help you select and advance your best people. BHI’s consultants design and implement processes and tools that let you effectively manage your talent from hiring to retirement. BHI partners with you to create integrated systems that save you time and money, and most importantly, nurture the best talent at every level.