BHI Launches Updated SQ Suite for Hourly Employee Talent Managemen

PLANO, TX — June 28, 2011 — Batrus Hollweg International (BHI), the leading human capital consulting firm, has announced the launch of Hourly SQ Suite™, a talent management tool designed to improve the recruiting and retention experience specifically for hourly positions.

The SQ™ Service Questionnaire is a quick, inexpensive, and accurate assessment tool designed to help companies identify customer oriented, hard-working, and stable hourly employees. Developed and validated specifically for hourly positions, the SQ™ can help win the battle against high turnover. The SQ Suite™ expands the insights and benefits of the SQ™ by incorporating additional informative indices, the outcome of in-depth BHI research initiatives. These success predictors empower recruiters with even more intelligence as they work to attract, hire and retain only the highest-potential employees.

“We pledge to provide our clients with the industry’s most refined, most effective, most advanced yet intuitive solutions for optimizing recruiting and retention efforts,” said Kevin Impelman, Manager of BHI’s Research Institute. “BHI is committed to continuous innovation in the ongoing development of solutions that help clients effectively recruit and retain successful employees. Upholding this mission, we have enhanced the Hourly SQ Suite™ to maximize flexibility and control.”

The new SQ Suite™ includes:
• Customization – Unprecedented levels of customization to refine the screening process according to the changing size of candidate pools.
• Expanded Range of Indices – The popular integrity index along with additional indices — identified and designed via in-depth BHI research initiatives — including engageability, salesmanship, hospitality and manager potential. Clients can individually select the indices that have the greatest impact on their hiring strategies.
• Refined Benchmarks – New curvilinear benchmarks — “sweet spots” — to enable clients to measure candidates for just the right amount of certain traits, neither too much nor too little. This helps maximize accuracy in predicting an applicant’s future success in a given role.

All of these new features will enable SQ Suite™ users to improve their recruiting and retention experience.

“The powerful and flexible SQ Suite™ represents our response to client feedback and changing data trends to deliver what clients need in order to increase performance, reduce turnover and leverage their talent investments,” said Impelman.

SQ Suite™ is part of BHI’s comprehensive service offering of cutting-edge talent management solutions designed to help you select and advance your best people. BHI’s consultants design and implement processes and tools that let you effectively manage your talent from hiring to retirement. BHI partners with you to create integrated systems that save you time and money, and most importantly, nurture the best talent at every level.

About BHI
Dallas-based Batrus Hollweg International (BHI) is a leading human capital consulting firm specializing in High Definition Assessment Science™ — assessing and developing people to drive organizational results. With over 40 years of experience, BHI provides companies with objective, quantifiable solutions for selecting the best talent, minimizing hiring mistakes, growing internal talent, aligning talent competencies with business goals, gauging company climate to identify barriers and leverage points, and filling the succession planning pipeline with more precision.

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