Build Talent Networks With New Talemetry Release From Talent Technology

Vancouver, B.C. — March 29, 2012 — Talent Technology Corporation, the leading provider of talent generation solutions, announced today the release of the latest version of their Talemetry talent generation suite. Talemetry offers solutions to help organizations source candidates and build talent networks, conduct efficient and effective recruitment marketing, and strengthen candidate engagement.

The ability to create talent networks directly from an organization’s recruiting system is the newest addition to Talemetry. Recruiters can now search for and capture candidate information found in multiple external sources, including job boards and social networks. Candidates can also opt-in to join through a career site, or be manually added by a recruiter in the case of referrals. Once in the network, candidates can be organized into specific groups and communicated to through one-to-one emails or broader email campaigns.

Additional functionality in the latest Talemetry release includes enhancements to Talemetry Match and Talemetry Apply.

In this latest release, if a recruiter wants to learn more about a candidate, they can now request a candidate’s permission to share more information through an extended profile containing additional information about them gathered from the open web. With Talemetry Match, recruiters can use advanced semantic search technology to find the best-fit candidates in their ATS, Talent Network, or on the open web, based on a particular set of requirements.

This release also includes improvements to LinkedIn extraction for users of Apply, allowing for more robust data capture capabilities and a better candidate experience. Talemetry Apply provides a positive candidate experience and improved sourcing thanks to automatic data extraction into the ATS.

Talent Generation solutions, including talent networks created through Talemetry, allow your organization’s recruiters to leverage a single centralized source to find the best talent available, faster and cheaper than they are today.

“Our customers continue to tell us they want a single, centralized source to store and manage all their talent leads. With Talemetry, they can now create a talent network comprised of candidates from all their sources. They can market open jobs to them, search for candidates with specific attributes and qualifications, and even learn more about each through an extended profile. It represents a far more efficient and effective way to source candidates,” said Tim Lang, VP Products at Talent Technology.

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About Talent Technology Corporation
Talent Technology is the industry-leading provider of talent generation and recruiting solutions through its talent generation suite, Talemetry, the HR Network eXchange (HRNX) and the HireDesk ATS. The Talemetry suite is a set of modules designed to help corporate recruiters, recruiting agencies and job boards of all sizes connect people and jobs. Founded in 2000, Talent Technology is a privately held company headquartered near Vancouver, BC Canada. For more information on Talent Technology, please call +1.604.278.4414 or visit

Talent Generation Defined
Talent Generation solutions are designed to help organizations find and attract the best talent, faster and cheaper than they do today. The solutions integrate with existing applicant tracking and talent management systems to ensure a seamless and positive experience for both the candidate and the recruiter. There are three main activities in Talent Generation:

Talent Networks & Sourcing – Proactively build talent pools and networks from multiple candidate sources to search and match active and passive candidates who meet a specific set of hiring criteria.

Recruitment Marketing – Effective recruitment marketing targets the right candidate audience about open positions and builds a strong employer brand, driving more of the best candidates to apply.

Candidate Engagement – Make it easy for candidates to apply while capturing as much up-to-date information on each candidate as possible to make better hiring decisions.

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