GreenJobInterview(R) Releases Findings from Survey of U.S. Employers on Use of Virtual Interviewing

COSTA MESA, CA – [July 16, 2013] –Nearly one-third of employers plan to conduct more virtual interviews as a part of their recruiting efforts over the course of the coming year. That’s just one of the key findings from a recent survey of U.S. employers regarding their use of and experiences with virtual interviewing (interviewing job candidates using dedicated online technology). The survey was conducted online in late May and early June by GreenJobInterview(R), one of the nation’s leading providers of cloud-based virtual interviewing solutions.

Noteworthy findings from the survey include:

– 47% of respondents indicated that their organizations have conducted virtual job interviews (other than via teleconferences), while 45% said their organization have not yet done so.
– Among those who have used virtual interviewing technology, a combined 65% rated their experiences good or excellent; 28% called their experiences mediocre; and 7% called their experiences poor or very poor.
– 66% of respondents said their organizations will likely conduct the same number of virtual interviews in the coming 12 months. 30% said they plan to increase their use of virtual interviews wither moderately or significantly.

A complimentary copy of the full survey report is available for download here (

“As our survey shows, employers continue to embrace virtual interviewing as part of their talent acquisition and hiring strategies,” said Greg Rokos, president of GreenJobInterview. “Undoubtedly, this is due to the host of business benefits virtual interviewing provides including cost savings, reduced time-to-hire, elimination of travel, and improvements in HR’s performance and processes. It will be interesting to see the results of our future surveys and to track changes in employers’ attitudes, utilization rates and results.”

A total of 249 individuals completed the survey, representing organizations of all sizes and industries including financial services, health care, manufacturing, education and governmental agencies. The majority of participants work in the Human Resources and Recruiting discipline. Others functional areas represented include Finance, Information Technology and Procurement.

In addition to exploring participants’ use of virtual interviewing technology, the survey also touched on the amount of time employers spend setting up interviews, the percentage of initial interviews they conduct in person, and their concerns about virtual interviewing.

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