HR Open Standards Consortium Announces New Release of 4.0 Hr-JSON Data Exchange Standards

DENVER, CO | DECEMBER 16, 2015: The HR Open Standards Consortium announces today the candidate release of its first 4.0 data exchange schemas. This release includes a JSON Timecard specification and JSON Employee Wellness specification.

“The 4.0 release, with its focus on JSON, will make it easier and faster to share data between systems, including the rapidly expanding realm of mobile devices. This is especially relevant to the employee centric areas covered by Wellness and Timecard, the first two specifications available under 4.0,” notes Jason Sole, the Consortium’s Technical Steering Committee Chair and board member.

4.0 Employee Wellness Specification (Candidate Release)

Employee wellness is quickly emerging as an essential application for many software and service providers. As employee wellness programs increase in popularity, the HR Open Standards 4.0 Employee Wellness schema is a timely addition to their suite of Human Resources-related data exchange standards.

The Employee Wellness standards development project is sponsored and co-led by Oracle Corp, one of HR Open Standards’ long-standing organizational members. The schema facilitates efficient and secure data communication between systems involved in the management of corporate wellness programs. These systems include benefits administration systems, core HR systems, payroll or incentive payment systems, activity tracking systems, and benefits provider systems.

The scope of the Employee Wellness candidate release schema is communication between activity tracking systems and corporate wellness programs. For example, the schema enables data exchange for tracking employee activity like steps and/or active time from wearable tracking devices to corporate wellness program systems. Future releases will further simplify employee wellness data integration between employers, employees, wearable devices, benefits providers, and payroll providers.

4.0 Timecard Specification (Candidate Release)

Contingent staffing is undeniably on the rise and projected to make up more than 50% of the global workforce by 2020. HR Open Standards’ new Timecard candidate release schema anticipates this market transition by enabling the capture of time-worked data and associated expenses and allowances data between Time and Attendance (T&A) systems, time capture devices, payroll and expense systems, Vendor Management Systems (VMS), and others.

The Timecard standards development project is sponsored and co-led by Manus Software Europe, an active organizational member of the HR Open Standards Consortium.

The Timecard and Employee Wellness 4.0 schemas are candidate releases and have not been approved by the HR Open Standards Consortium membership. The specifications may change before the official approval and release. Please direct any comments about this candidate release to info(at)hropenstandards(dot)org.

HR Open Standards’ 4.0 release of its suite of data exchange standards allows for simpler implementations for adopters and trading partners through: a single namespace; simplified schemas; use of UNCEFACT Core Components; no extraneous data types (HR specific); and more consistency across XML and JSON schemas (extensions, attributes, and minimal nesting).

About Oracle Corporation

Oracle’s Human Capital Management applications are a complete and integrated suite – from core HR transactions to workforce service automation and delivery, to complete enterprise talent management, including many solutions unique in the industry. Oracle’s global, web-based, single-system architecture is designed for organizations of every size, industry, and region.

About Manus Software Europe

Manus Software Europe is a Pan-European market leader in compliancy, Time and Attendance (T&A), and Workforce Management (WFM) with 25 years of experience focusing on the Retail and Leisure industries. The MANUS+ WFM empowers optimum personnel deployment for large and small multinational organizations including forecasting, budgeting, planning, scheduling, registering, processing, monitoring, and more.

About the HR Open Standards Consortium

Founded in 1999 as the HR-XML Consortium, HR Open Standards is dedicated to the development and promotion of common specifications that simplify human resources-related data exchanges.

By championing collaboration and innovation, HR Open Standards leads standards development projects to save HR professionals time and money by providing employers, government, software and service providers with free, flexible, and comprehensive global HR interoperability standards. Visit the HR Open Standards website for more information and to download their free suite of HR-XML and HR-JSON data exchange standards.

Media Contact:
Kim Bartkus, Executive Director
HR Open Standards Consortium, Inc.