I Love Rewards Announces Best Practices to Retain Top Performers After the Recession

Recognition Will Be Key to Retaining Top Performers as Economy Improves

Toronto, Boston, April 6, 2010: With the economy improving, it’s important for HR managers to focus on retaining top employees — the key revenue generators who historically jump ship when a recession recovers and are driven by considerations other than salary and benefits.

One significant survey of HR managers, predicts that a significant challenge for HR this year is the risk of weakened company growth because of the flight of top performers. To keep their best people, organizations must re-evaluate and possibly transform the way they recognize top performers.

I Love Rewards, the leader in results-driven employee rewards and recognition solutions, invites you to download its new white paper “Recognition Best Practices: Retaining Top Performers in the Recovering Economy,” to learn more about this topic that is both timely and crucial for HR managers and organization leaders.

“Companies need to face the fact that they are at risk of losing their top performers, especially if they only weathered the storm and didn’t continue to live their values, including recognizing top performers in a meaningful and motivational way,” says Razor Suleman, CEO and founder, I Love Rewards.  “It’s a wake-up call now.”

In “Recognition Best Practices: Retaining Top Performers in the Recovering Economy,” I Love Rewards offers from its experience and research why it’s important to understand how top performers are different in terms of motivation and recognition, and recommends specific recognition practices to retain those top performers. Organizations that want to retain their top performers in the improving economy need to:

• Understand what motivates top performers.
• Operate from a culture of recognition based on your organization’s values.
• Make recognition specific, meaningful and timely.
• Consider a Web-based recognition platform rather than the less effective “rewards” program.

Download this engaging and informative paper today to ensure your company engages its top performers in a meaningful way that keeps them on board and help make sure your organization reaches its full growth potential in the recovering economy.

About I Love Rewards
I Love Rewards is a leading online employee rewards and recognition program provider. We work with companies across North America to launch and sustain results-driven solutions. Our focus is to recruit, retain and inspire your employees and align them to your company’s goals because we believe that engaged and motivated employees drive the results most important to your business success.

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