What Are Some Infertility & Egg Freezing Companies that HR Uses for Employee Benefits?

What Are Some Infertility & Egg Freezing Companies that HR Uses for Employee Benefits?

In the pursuit of providing comprehensive employee benefits, we asked four top executives, including a President and a managing director, about companies that HR can use for infertility and egg freezing. From FertilityIQ as a comprehensive fertility resource to Brightly with its holistic approach to fertility, discover the four companies they recommend for this essential benefit.

  • FertilityIQ: Comprehensive Fertility Resource
  • Carrot Fertility: Tech-Driven Benefits Provider
  • Progyny: Tailored Fertility Solutions
  • Brightly: Holistic Approach to Fertility

FertilityIQ: Comprehensive Fertility Resource

FertilityIQ is a comprehensive resource for fertility treatment, providing accurate and reliable information to help people make decisions about their reproductive health. It also provides a range of options for employers looking to provide infertility and egg-freezing as employee benefits.

FertilityIQ offers a wide range of features, including patient reviews, cost-comparison tools, and resources for navigating insurance coverage. Additionally, the company provides a range of services to employers, such as custom-tailored benefits packages and resources for educating employees about fertility treatments. The company is committed to providing comprehensive, up-to-date information on all aspects of reproductive health, including infertility and egg-freezing.

Evan Tunis
President, Florida Healthcare Insurance

Carrot Fertility: Tech-Driven Benefits Provider

Carrot Fertility is an innovative infertility and egg-freezing benefits provider for employers. This cutting-edge technology allows companies to easily and securely manage infertility and egg-freezing benefits programs with a comprehensive suite of employer tools.

Carrot’s platform offers employers the ability to customize fertility treatment plans while providing employees with complete transparency in terms of coverage, cost, and other important details.

In addition, Carrot Fertility provides employees with access to a variety of resources, including expert guidance from experienced fertility specialists and infertility advocates. Furthermore, Carrot Fertility is committed to helping employers build a more inclusive workplace by providing comprehensive coverage for all genders and sexual orientations.

Patrick Grayson
Founder and CEO, Paramount Property Buyers

Progyny: Tailored Fertility Solutions

One company that HR departments can consider for infertility and egg freezing as an employee benefit is Progyny. Progyny specializes in fertility benefits and provides a comprehensive range of services, including fertility preservation (egg freezing), in vitro fertilization (IVF), and more.

They offer tailored fertility solutions that can be customized to meet the unique needs of individual employees and their families.

By partnering with Progyny, HR teams can provide their employees with access to top-tier fertility specialists, cutting-edge treatments, and financial support for family-building options. Offering such benefits not only supports employees in their personal journeys but also demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and family-friendly workplace policies, which can enhance employee retention and satisfaction.

Sai Blackbyrn
CEO, Coach Foundation

Brightly: Holistic Approach to Fertility

One company that provides innovative employee benefits for infertility and egg freezing is Brightly. They offer a comprehensive online platform focused on empowering women to take control of their fertility and reproductive health.

Brightly’s benefits encompass not only egg freezing but also include services such as counseling, hormone monitoring, genetic testing, and more. This holistic approach aims to support employees in preserving their fertility before starting a family, making it a progressive and unique HR benefit.

James McNally
Managing Director, SDVH [Self Drive Vehicle Hire]

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