LifeCare® Poll Finds 81 Percent of Workers Feeling Overwhelmed or Burned Out

SHELTON, CT, July 6, 2010—In a new poll conducted by LifeCare®, Inc., a leading provider of health and productivity solutions for employers nationwide, American workers site a variety of effects that stress is having upon their well being and on-the-job productivity, including 81 percent feeling “overwhelmed or burned out” and another 40 percent having “trouble functioning at work.” Equally noteworthy, 72 percent of respondents have not sought professional assistance despite weight loss, memory problems, trouble sleeping and other negative impacts to their health.

Here are the full responses to the two-part poll, conducted online, among employees at U.S. corporations during the month of May:

Are you experiencing any of the following signs of stress? (Check all that apply.)

– Feeling overwhelmed or burned out — 81%
– Trouble sleeping — 62%
– Memory problems — 61%
– Anger or irritability — 59%
– Can’t seem to focus or concentrate — 56%
– Nervousness or anxiousness — 54%
– Trouble functioning at work — 40%
– Loss of weight or change in eating habits — 21%

If you have experienced any of these symptoms, have you sought help from a doctor or other professional?

– No — 72%
– Yes — 28%

“It’s no surprise that our nation’s workforce is under a significant amount of stress these days for a variety of reasons,” said LifeCare CEO, Peter G. Burki. “But the results of this poll are tremendously important to employers because they clearly show the toll that stress is taking on employee wellness and productivity — both of which impact an organization’s bottom line in profound ways. Unless employers take action to help their employees combat stress — no matter what the causes are — their healthcare costs associated with stress will continue to mount and productivity will continue to plunge.”

LifeCare clients have sought to address this challenge to productivity and rising healthcare costs in a variety of ways. This year, a growing number began offering the company’s new comprehensive wellness program, Total Health SolutionsSM to help workers effectively manage stress in their professional and personal lives. Utilization of Total Health Solutions has steadily climbed since its introduction in January 2010. Many other clients use the host of workshops, webinars and online tools focused on stress reduction that are a standard component of LifeCare’s core work/life product.

Each month, LifeCare posts a poll on its private web site asking individuals to share their thoughts and opinions on the latest issues and work/life trends. Past polls have addressed topics such as employee wellness, financial and legal issues, work/life balance and caregiving challenges.

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