Michael C. Fina Recognition Announces Upgrades to Recognition Notes During HR Technology Conference & Exposition

CHICAGO (Oct. 5, 2016) – Based on the successful launch of its Recognition Notes product in June, Michael C. Fina Recognition, a leading rewards, recognition, and incentives provider, today announced upgrades to the no-cost solution at the 2016 HR Technology Conference & Expo in Chicago. Recognition Notes offers any employee the opportunity to send personalized digital notes to peers.

Enhancements include increased social and mobile options that help encourage more frequent, daily recognition among managers and employees. Additionally, a new NotesPlus membership allows users to register their account, making it easier to send and track workplace accolades.

NotesPlus benefits include:
– An online “notebook” feature allows recipients to track received, sent, and archived notes;
– An easier way to send notes, as users do not have to provide sender’s name, email address, or answer the captcha; and
– Optional weekly digest emails containing recognition received and sent.

With its mobile-first responsive design, Recognition Notes allows companies to enable high-frequency recognition on the go and employees can share achievements socially via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

“It is important for organizations to have a full-bodied recognition program that celebrates major milestones while also providing quick and easy methods for recognizing daily achievements,” said Cord Himelstein, vice president of marketing and communications of Michael C. Fina Recognition. “Recognition Notes adds a new layer to existing employee recognition programs, providing a low-hassle tool to help increase the frequency of recognition within organizations of any size.”

For more, visit www.mcfrecognition.com and www.recognitionnotes.com.

About Michael C. Fina Recognition

In today’s technology-driven multigenerational workforce, meaningful employee recognition is more crucial than ever in building employee engagement and driving business success. Michael C. Fina Recognition helps companies worldwide deliver recognition, rewards, and incentive programs built from a passion and enthusiasm for serving our clients and a nearly 50-year history of service. We deliver scalable solutions that are based on each client’s needs, built on personal relationships, and driven by a deep understanding of each company’s unique culture. Every day, Michael C. Fina Recognition helps organizations increase employee loyalty and deliver positive business outcomes — one memorable experience at a time.