myStaffingPro Offers a Free Webinar on 10 Essential Strategies for Making Your Career Site Usable

Lima, OH (November 3, 2011) – myStaffingPro, a leading provider of SaaS applicant tracking software, will be offering a complimentary webinar on Thursday, November 10 at 2 p.m. EST titled, “10 Essential Strategies for Making Your Career Site Usable, not Confusable”.  The one-hour webinar will be hosted by Certified Usability Analyst, Jennifer Brogee, and will illustrate how a company can deliver a simplified, branded and friendly application process to energize the hiring process. Brogee, the CIO for myStaffingPro, is one of an elite group of 3300 Certified Usability Analysts worldwide.

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“Completion rates increase by more than 20 percent when an online process is two-tiered with shorter application forms,” said Brogee. Brogee will teach 10 best practices for engaging more potential job applicants, extending the company brand with the application process, plus narrowing the pool of those who apply to individuals who are more qualified for the position.  Beyond making sure the process is clear and accommodating to applicants from most devices or browsers, Brogee will outline these concepts:

  • Show your true colors
  • Make it easy to launch the application
  • Deliver a clear and relevant job description
  • Outline expectations
  • Collect only what you need
  • Keep forms small
  • Give progress updates
  • Follow up often
  • Build a relationship

Every registrant receives a companion white paper titled “Ten Essential Strategies for Making Your Career Site Usable, Not Confusable,” complete with highlights of the webinar plus additional innovative and practical strategies for immediately improving the quality of your job application process.

The white paper delivers key tips that may be integrated into your website. For instance, may an applicant save their work? Are the questions asked relevant to the opening? Can a person apply who is not terribly tech savvy? Is there a tiered process so that an applicant may self-select not to complete the form if the requirements of the position exceed their background experiences?

The free webinar and white paper are tailored for recruiters, CEOs, and HR executives interested in reducing the time to fill openings. Participants may register their career site for a free usability review. To register, go here:

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