New Aberdeen Research Report Finds That Organizations Achieve Higher Levels of Operational Efficiency with Embedded Social Capabilities in HR Systems

cfactor Works Inc. (cfactor), developer of the award-winning Vibe HCM system of engagement, unveiled new research at an exclusive HR Tech event in Las Vegas recently. The purpose of the research was to focus on the impact that social tools and capabilities have on an organization’s workforce. The research was conducted by Aberdeen Group, in April and May of 2015.

According to the report – Social in HR: Embedding Social into HR Systems and Processes – social tools and capabilities must be embedded in central work processes in order to improve the organization’s interactions, communications, and to foster greater levels of engagement.
Top pressures driving internal adoption of social technology:
– 54.9% – Better enterprise communications and collaboration
– 43.9% – Employee engagement / connection to the company and its purpose
– 41.6% – Respond to external market demands in a more timely manner

In addition to these drivers, 36.4% of all organizations said they are directing efforts in 2015 towards creating stronger connections between and amongst their employees (Best-in-class organizations are even 29% more likely).

Aberdeen report highlights that Best-in-Class organizations are using social technology for more than just communications and candidate sourcing. They are actually focused on utilizing social tools throughout the employee lifecycle:
– 67.5% – Foster a culture of innovation and creativity across the organization
– 45.0% – Build social learning capabilities to help subject matter experts share their expertise
– 35.0% – Leverage social and other technologies to improve employee engagement levels
– 112% — More likely to use social as one of their reward / recognition approaches
– 46% — More likely to use socially enabled technologies to gather feedback on employee performance

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Moreover, the report indicated that the benefits of social can become transformative – particularly, in putting organizations on a path of optimal impact – when social networking and collaboration are integrated with an organization’s enterprise-level talent or HR management system. Deploying standalone social technologies with a little connection back to the enterprise offers significantly less value than a solution which is connected to other systems (“System of Engagement”).
A System of Engagement supports the ongoing trend of the moving from technology-centric, rigid information repositories agnostic of the social context they operate in, and toward a more people-centric system, which is designed to naturally fit into the employees’ work flow and social context.

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