New E-book Helps Managers Get Better Business Results From Training

SEATTLE (Nov. 10, 2009) – Research over several decades indicates that only between 10 to 20 percent of employees apply what they learn in training programs to achieve business results. RealTime Performance, a provider of web-based leadership assessment and development tools, announced an e-book to help managers and training professionals increase the business impact from training programs.

“Getting More From Your Investment in Training: The 5A’s Framework” helps managers tackle the barriers that prevent employees from applying knowledge from training programs to achieve business outcomes. The e-book is co-authored by RealTime Performance chief executive officer Sean P. Murray in partnership with Dr. Stephen J. Gill, a recognized expert in training measurement and evaluation.

“To stay competitive, most organization can’t afford not to train and develop their employees,” said co-author Gill. “However, in this era of tight budgets, and trying to do more with less, companies can’t afford to waste resources. Our new e-book addresses the internal organizational roadblocks to effective learning and guides managers through our simple 5A’s Framework model to help them get more business impact from every dollar invested in training.”

“Getting More From Your Investment in Training” enables managers to guide their employees in applying new skills learned from training programs through a simple yet powerful model, for a fraction of the cost of training. The 5A’s Framework outlines five areas managers should focus on when supporting their employees in training programs. The areas include alignment, anticipation, application, alliance and accountability. By addressing each of the five A’s, managers can ensure their training investment will dramatically increase the value of employee development to directly achieve measurable business goals.

“The 5A’s Framework offers a simple yet comprehensive description of the factors that lead to a learning culture,” says Winsor Jenkins, vice president of Human Resources at Northwest Pipe. “By not recognizing the impact of culture on learning, employee development will fail. Organizations and people applying the 5A’s Framework simply need to take the steps outlined to ensure their training investments will produce desired business results.”

To purchase the e-book for $19.95 or to download the first two chapters for free, visit Additionally, the e-book will be available in the Kindle format and at beginning November 17.

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