New Paper Advocates Need for Leaders to Master Their Personal State of Being

SAN JOSE, Cal. / March 5, 2010 — Amid the clichés, programs, seminars and endless books, a deceptively simple key exists to great leadership and it’s examined in a new article from Glowan Consulting Group.

The key is mastering one’s “state of being,” according to a new white paper from Glowan, a recognized name in leadership development and executive coaching and creator of the L3 Leadership process.

“You cannot lead others until you have mastered your own state of being — who you are, what you believe, and how you behave, said John Anderson, co-principal of Glowan Consulting. “Granted, this can’t replace abilities such as decision-making, organization, delegating, communication, influencing others . . . but it’s the linchpin that enhances all of those abilities.”

The white paper discusses personal leadership as a foundational element of a three-part process. Rather than approach leadership from the outside in, Glowan’s L3 approach works from the inside out. The leadership learning model is designed to span the four generations of the workplace and is anchored in authenticity, integrity, and balance.

The paper explains three critical attributes of being an effective leader, as viewed through the Glowan process:

– L1: Personal mastery and work-life integration.
– L2: Cultivating and sustaining collaborative advantage with others.
– L3: Creating the best place to work with a culture of high engagement.

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“Leadership is about building followership — people follow those with the values and character they admire,” Anderson added. “Substance and character, not style, are what determine followers. People follow not just because of what you do, but because of who you are.”

Three guiding principles — integrity, authenticity and balance — are at the heart of the philosophy. While “L1” is grounded in personal values, “L2” revolves around collaboration where leaders work with others from a position of mutual self-interest. “L3” becomes the “culture” of a work team, department, division, or company. It’s where managers and executives create their own personal L3 leadership capacity.

“Real leaders are not necessarily those who have risen to the highest position, but rather who have a loyal following of people who would go the extra mile for them every time,” said Marc Michaelson, co-principal at Glowan Consulting. “They trust the individual to do the right thing.”

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