New SmartRecruiters Features Make Hiring More Efficient For Small Businesses

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — April 22, 2010 — The latest monthly release of SmartRecruiters, the free and easy recruiting software ( from MrTed Ltd., offers several new features and user-driven enhancements that bring recruiting to a new level of ease and productivity for small businesses.

Unveiled by MrTed a little over ago, SmartRecruiters is 100% free and designed specifically for businesses with up to 2,500 employees. With more than 3,000 small businesses using SmartRecruiters today, it is the fastest-growing recruiting software in the industry.

April’s monthly release of SmartRecruiters introduces a number of important new features, significantly increasing the candidate management and reviewing options for users of the SmartRecruiters software. Following is a brief description of the most recent features and user-requested improvements.

:: Resume Management — one of the major new features in SmartRecruiters is the activation of the new Resume Management Service, which now enables users to access resume parsing technology and ensure a faster and more efficient resume handling process. Resume parsing allows users of the SmartRecruiters software to automatically extract data from resumes and easily and effortlessly import and manage resumes and candidate data. Resume import is also effortless, whether through simple upload or by automatically capturing resumes from E-Mail Applications. The new Resume Management Service, powered by Talent Technology’s Resume Mirror, ensures a more effective recruitment process for users of the SmartRecruiters system who can track all candidates and resumes in their recruitment software.

:: Collaborative Candidate Reviews — another significant new addition to SmartRecruiters are the new collaborative candidate reviews. Users of the free and easy recruitment software are able to setup as many internal user accounts as they like, and can now also benefit from taking a collaborative approach to their recruitment process and making better hiring decisions.

:: LinkedIn Job Posting — job posting to LinkedIn will soon be available directly from the SmartRecruiters system. Users of the software can tap into the largest professional networking site in the world and reach more than 60+ million professionals any day. Jobs find their way to the right candidates thanks to LinkedIn members and smart matching algorithms. Jobs on LinkedIn also get automatically indexed by search engines and job aggregators.

:: Hiring Manager/Recruiter Portal Improvements — another new improvement to SmartRecruiters this month are a number of updates to the Hiring Manager and Recruiter user portals. Recruiters and Hiring Managers in the system now have a much better view on applicants and get access to more features. Organizations using SmartRecruiters can ensure a collaborative recruiting process by setting up multiple recruiter and hiring manager user accounts in the system.

:: Additional Sourcing Channels available- more job boards have recently been integrated within the SmartRecruiters system allowing users to further expand their sourcing reach and ensure they have access to some of the best sourcing options available. SmartRecruiters users can increase the effectiveness and reach of their recruiting process by posting their jobs to some of the latest job boards now available in the system including CareerBuilder,, HireFlyer, CollegeRecruiter, and more.

Take a tour ( of SmartRecruiters latest monthly release or login ( to your account to see the changes first hand.


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