New Software Tool Helps Leaders Communicate Company Goals and Impact Employee Behavior

Terryberry recently announced a new feature of the popular 360 Recognition Platform that is expected to have a major impact on the role of leaders in employee recognition programs. The 360 Recognition platform itself is an all-in-one software hub for managing employee recognition.

The newly released Organizational Communication feature is designed to engage executive teams more deeply in the recognition process and provide a channel to communicate high level company goals to employees.

“Employee recognition programs are far more likely to succeed in having the desired impact when the top leadership is actively involved,” says Terryberry’s managing partner Mike Byam.

In fact, according to a recent whitepaper, recognition programs are more than two times as likely to drive the right behaviors when top management involvement in the program is high. Yet, when polled, HR leaders say the top challenge they face in relation to their employee recognition programs is getting adequate participation and buy-in from leadership.

“The best way to earn leadership’s involvement is to build recognition programs so that they are tied directly to company goals and provide reporting visibility on how recognition impacts those goals,” Byam says.

Byam continues, “This understanding has always been the driving force behind Terryberry’s development of the 360 Recognition Platform.”

The new Organizational Communication feature is built on this premise. It is an extension of Terryberry’s modules for performance-based recognition and manager-driven recognition, enabling executive leadership to participate in recognition on a new level.

Announcements can be used for any number of memos that leaders wish to communicate to their employee group as a whole. One particularly important use is to keep company goals in focus for the group as a whole. Employees are more likely to be highly engaged when they feel involved in the company goals.

Using the Organizational Communication feature in the 360 Recognition Platform, leaders can create a message that communicates high level company goals. This message can be pinned to the top of the 360 Recognition feed so that it remains visible to participants for any duration. When a new Announcement is created, participants receive an email notification and an app alert.

Announcements can be updated regularly to keep participants informed of how the group is progressing toward the end goal. When one of the company goals has been achieved, it’s time to celebrate. Leadership can recognize the employee group as a whole with a public post. The AwardPoints module in the 360 Recognition Platform can be used to add tangible recognition to all in the group.

The Organizational Communication feature of Terryberry’s 360 Recognition Platform enables top leadership in a company to communicate the high level goals of the organization consistently to employees. It’s a powerful tool to keep everyone on the team focused on the big picture, engage staff and impact employee behavior. Combining the communication of the goals with recognition for achieving them, results in a recognition program that has a direct impact on company goals.

About Terryberry: Founded by Herbert Terryberry in 1918, the company serves more than 25,000 clients throughout North America and Europe with employee recognition programs and services. Terryberry has been a major player in the innovation of employee recognition, including Give a WOW, the first-of-its-kind social media style employee recognition program launched anticipating the social media/business revolution in 2009, and the 360 Recognition Platform which continues to evolve as new tools emerge and the company forecasts business needs. Its world headquarters is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For more information, please visit