Next-Generation GUI Allows Unique Personalization with Portable Application Modules

LONDON, October 19, 2009 – MrTed Ltd, the global leader of Talent Acquisition Solutions, has announced the release of its latest paper, “The Next-Generation GUI: A Truly Personalized Workspace to Leverage the Power of Enterprise Computing.”

This free report explains how a GUI (graphical user interface) like the one in MrTedTalentLink Cloud 9 that leverages open architecture, cloud computing and portable applications modules (apps) can create a truly personalized, on-demand experience for the user.
The result is that each user can take advantage of the power of enterprise computing in a uniquely personalized way, with a workspace that is tailored to meet the user’s workflow and tasks, with practical, adaptable features that include portable internal and external system applications and dynamic navigation. The paper from MrTed is available for download now.

The paper explains that until now, talent acquisition solutions incredibly restricted the way users could personalize their onscreen workspace or adapt a system to the user’s unique workflow or processes. A system’s functionality from the user’s perspective has been heavily predetermined by the vendor. The result is that these systems have failed to offer efficiency, expediency or optimal productivity.

“The Next-Generation GUI: A Truly Personalized Workspace to Leverage the Power of Enterprise Computing” identifies the end-user benefits of a design like MrTedTalentLink Cloud 9, which features a GUI layer independent of the system’s data and logic layers; a workspace that is role- and user-specific; a system based on portable application modules (apps); a library of apps, and an intuitive, dynamic menu interface.

“Because our user GUI will access functionality through Web services as well as through MrTed, users will have total control to create a desktop workspace that they can truly customize to fit their unique work processes and any application modules as well,” said Jerome Ternynck, Chief Executive Officer with MrTed Ltd. “It no longer matters who provides the data or where it’s stored when it comes to how the user can set up their workspace experience.”

“The Next-Generation GUI: A Truly Personalized Workspace to Leverage the Power of Enterprise Computing” consists of two sections. The report first identifies the limitations inherent in most talent acquisition systems to date and explains the reasons they are far less user friendly than they could be. The paper then explains the design and features behind MrTedTalentLink Cloud 9 that exemplify the emerging state of the art in cloud computing for HR and recruiting with true consumer-friendly, personalized functionality for enterprise-level talent acquisition applications.

This paper is part of the upcoming release of MrTedTalenLink Version 9 (also called Cloud 9), which fully leverages Cloud computing to bring consumer-level customization and ease of use to the power of enterprise-level talent acquisition solution. “The Next-Generation GUI: A Truly Personalized Workspace to Leverage the Power of Enterprise Computing” is one of a series of papers and articles that will help recruiters understand the full value and user-friendly appeal of this industry-leading technology.

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