nomoreformsâ„¢ Launches New Website

Tampa, FL – Applicant Insight today announced the launch of its new nomoreformsâ„¢ website. nomoreformsâ„¢ delivers an affordable, fully comprehensive end-to-end solution that improves productivity, reduces costs and drives business efficiency.

nomoreformsâ„¢ has evolved to become an autonomous and recognized software publisher with an impressive customer base comprised of several highly recognized insurance companies, together with leading names from other leading market sectors.

The nomoreforms™ patented solution brings process efficiency and integrity to any organization’s paper intensive processes. The functionality of the nomoreforms™ solution offers cost saving benefits for any industry. Sectors with implemented solutions include insurance for the on-boarding of agents, healthcare for the credentialing of professional staff, financial services, education, transportation and government markets. Human resources professionals can automate the process of application to the on-boarding of employees with the capability of integrated ordering and reporting of background screening and drug testing.

“Our nomoreforms™ solution is ideal for any organization looking to streamline their existing workflow and document processing systems at a low cost,” said Applicant Insight’s CEO, Bon Idziak. “nomoreforms™ continues to support a broad range of customer requirements by offering the market a comprehensive solution with robust functionality, reporting and workflow automation.”

nomoreformsâ„¢ constantly works to develop new ways of improving business workflows using this patented technology.

About nomoreformsâ„¢
nomoreformsâ„¢ is an earth-friendly, widely recognized software provider with an impressive customer base of high-profile companies spanning the globe. nomoreformsâ„¢ software solution and patented software technology accomplish multiple step business processes which result in the reduction or elimination of paper, the streamlining of document processing and break-through staff productivity increases.

The nomoreformsâ„¢ solution collects, routes, processes, manages and distributes documents and information for many traditionally paper-intensive tasks. The nomoreformsâ„¢ product achieves time and cost savings by replacing the antiquated, manual and laborious paper shuffling processes that consume numerous resources for all types of organizations.

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