PlatformOne Named the BEST HRO Provider to the Mid-Market for the Fourth Straight Year: The Black Book of Outsourcing Releases its 2009 Findings

Atlanta, GA — July 13, 2010 — PlatformOne today announced that it has recently been named the TOP provider of Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) Services in the mid-market for the fourth year in a row by Black Book. PlatformOne offers HR Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) solutions that include HR Technology, HR Administrative Services, and HR Professional Support to mid-market companies, those companies with approximately 500 to 15,000 employees.

The introduction of the report states that “Each year, Brown-Wilson Group and Black Book Research undertake an annual survey into organizations’ satisfaction with their outsourcing service providers. This research is recognized as the most extensive and representative perception study of outsourcing vendors, validated by over 24,000 respondents from service users around the globe. Over 700 functions and 40 sectors are investigated to determine “best fit” vendors with multiple industry specifications.”

Over 650,000 HR outsourcing users were invited to participate in The Black Book of Outsourcing’s 2009 annual web survey. The study validated over 26,000 respondents representing HRO clients of mid-market size (3,000 to 15,000 employees). 1622 validated respondents ranked 61 HRO qualified suppliers on 404 contractual arrangements through the study’s web survey instrument between March and May 2009. Individual client interviews were conducted throughout the balance of 2009, with the final analysis of the surveys completed in December 2009.

The announcement came after The Black Book of Outsourcing released its annual assessment of the entire outsourcing marketplace. The final mid-market report was issued in February of this year. Specifically to the mid-market, The Black Book on Outsourcing evaluated 61 vendors using 18 different performance criteria to reach its findings. Most importantly, the interviews conducted with clients throughout 2009 were used as a key determinate for the final rankings. In its analyst reports, The Black Book of Outsourcing rated PlatformOne as the top performer in 11 of the 18 criteria, and one of the top three performers in 15 of the 18 criteria.

The study also surveyed each respondent about the benefits they achieved through outsourcing their HR functions. When asked to name the most important customer satisfaction key performance indicators (KPIs), the respondents named scalability, client relationship, innovation and deployment as the most important attributes. PlatformOne ranked first in two of these KPIs, second in another and third in the other, among the 61 vendors ranked.

“The Black Book of Outsourcing continues to be the most comprehensive analysis performed each year on our market,” said Henry Hardin, CEO and President of PlatformOne. “Two years ago at this time we announced that PlatformOne had dedicated itself to creating and marketing credibility in the marketplace that can not be matched by the national firms. The Black Book of Outsourcing survey has once again reinforced our mission, strategy, and execution as right on target for the mid-market. And again this year our clients have given us outstanding marks on the industry’s most respected and thorough report card.”

“When our customers name PlatformOne as most innovative, most reliable, best in client relations, tops in support and customer care, best in technology and process improvement capabilities, excellent in service delivery, and their overall preference for the provider they would recommend, we have executed well on our mission. Hopefully our potential clients will take notice.”

To see the detailed results of the mid-market HRO study and the top 20 ranked vendors, visit the PlatformOne website:

About The Brown-Wilson Group and The Black Book of Outsourcing
The Brown-Wilson Group, whose principals include Douglas Brown and Scott Wilson, are regarded as thought leaders on the outsourcing market space. Their book, The Black Book of Outsourcing, is highly endorsed by outsourcing industry experts as a one-of-a-kind resource for the business community.

The Black Book of Outsourcing is a comprehensive guide and directory for the emerging field of outsourcing. It includes expert advice on how to operate an outsourcing program, how to deal with the political aspects of outsourcing, and how to find a career in outsourcing. A controversial and emotional subject among business leaders and workers in the global business community, outsourcing is fast becoming one of the greatest organizational and industrial shifts in modern history.

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About PlatformOne
PlatformOne is an innovator and leader in the delivery of state-of-the-art Human Resources solutions. Built on over 25 years of experience, today PlatformOne offers HR Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) solutions that include HR Technology Infrastructure, HR Administrative Services and HR Professional Support. Comprehensive HR services are delivered by top HR professionals, utilizing world-class processes and technologies. PlatformOne’s services produce efficient, consistent, and cost-effective results for all clients. Additional information on PlatformOne may be found at


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