Atlanta, GA — March 3, 2010 — The SCI Group of Companies today announced that its Human Resources Business Process Outsourcing (HR-BPO) initiative, PlatformOne, has recently completed noteworthy management changes.

PlatformOne offers HR Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) solutions that include HR Technology Infrastructure, HR Administrative Services and HR Professional Support to mid-market companies, defined as companies with 500 to 15,000 employees.

Effective immediately, SCI Group Founder and CEO, Henry C. Hardin III, will take over as President of PlatformOne. The day-to-day management and operations of PlatformOne will be overseen by Deb Hubbard (Chief Financial Officer), Sam Nagia (Chief Operating Officer) and Eric Nazarian (Chief Information Officer). Each brings valuable executive experience with the SCI Group in Human Resource Management and Outsourcing. This team will ensure a more collaborative and targeted approach to the unique requirements of PlatformOne’s Clients.

Mr. Hardin is a pioneer in the field of human capital development. His thought leadership has helped to establish new business models for the HR industry, which, in turn, have propelled many companies to new heights of success. His theories and practices have become nationally recognized and garnered strategic partnerships with some of the largest names in health care and insurance. He founded the SCI Group in 1985. His vision was to offer companies of all sizes the opportunity to develop their human capital and provide employers the solutions to manage their human resources and associated cost.

As the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Deb Hubbard is responsible for directing the organization’s financial planning and accounting functions, as well as managing the relationships with lending institutions, vendors, shareholders and the financial community. She oversees and directs treasury, budgeting, audit, tax, accounting, long-range forecasting and insurance activities for the organization. As part of her responsibilities, she is charged with establishing the operating strategies and implementing the business processes to effectively deliver on the company’s financial services offerings, including payroll tax accounting, garnishment management, and more. Ms. Hubbard has considerable experience creating state of the art service delivery systems and improving internal business processes within the finance function, enabling dramatic improvements in client service and profitability. Deb also has extensive experience with corporate health and welfare planning as well as retirement plan design and implementation.

As the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Sam Nagia is responsible for managing the company’s operations both onshore in the U.S. and offshore in India. Specifically, he is in charge of all client service operations – Payroll, HR, Benefits and more; also Quality assurance across all business processes of the company. He formulates the operational strategy to deliver on the company’s broad range of human resources services and implements the same through business process design and technology solutions. Mr. Nagia led the initiative to build the offshore operations of the company from its inception, moving select business processes offshore. He has significant experience with post-merger integration and change management, and has instituted quality management programs based on Six Sigma principles and SAS 70 guidelines.

As the Chief Information Officer (CIO), Eric Nazarian is responsible for the advancement of technology-related initiatives that align with broad organizational priorities and client service goals. In that regard, Mr. Nazarian is also responsible for the effective management of relationships with both internal and external clients. He oversees product development, directs software and hardware engineering, and provides guidance for all technical integration. He has considerable experience with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications, specializing in Lawson Software. He possesses a unique skill-set of both functional and technical expertise across a broad range of subject areas within the HR Business Process Outsourcing solution.

“Our strategy for many years has been to move our HR service offerings up market,” said Mr. Hardin. “We have accomplished this goal, through the successful marketing of the PlatformOne brand, which today is recognized as the number one provider of HRO services to the mid-market by our customers and leading analysts in our space. We will continue to look for opportunities to increase the efficiency of our customer implementations and the effectiveness of our customer services operations. We have planned for years to better integrate the different business divisions of the SCI Group and enable them to leverage the strengths that each brings to the table to better service our collective Client base. Today’s announcements are the culmination of years of thoughtful planning and execution.”

About PlatformOne
PlatformOne is an innovator and leader in the delivery of state-of-the-art Human Resources solutions. Evolving over 25 years, PlatformOne offers HR Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) solutions that include HR Technology Infrastructure, HR Administrative Services, and HR Professional Support. Our comprehensive HR solutions, when combined with our world-class people, processes, and technology produce efficient, consistent, and cost-effective results for our Clients.


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