Profiles International Announces New Leadership and Team Management Solutions at 2014 World Conference

Fort Worth, TX. January 17, 2014 -Talent management solutions provider, Profiles International, has announced the launch of two new products, the ProfileXT(R) Executive Leadership Report and ProfileXT(R) Team Report. The announcement was made during Profiles International’s 22nd Annual World Conference by Chief Operations Officer, Joe Kistner, to over 300 partners and international directors from around the world.

The new solutions help organizations understand how individual characteristics of team members fit within a team, and how to optimize leadership and team performance at the highest levels.

“The PXT Executive Leadership Report is designed to illuminate your inherent executive potential, outlining your approach to addressing challenges and your ability to achieve excellence in leadership,” said Kistner.

The ProfileXT(R) Executive Leadership Report is comprised of three sections and derived from interpretations of an individual’s score from one of Profiles International’s flagship products, the ProfileXT(R). Kistner shared with attendees the six components for leadership success, and the details of how the new product provides actionable data for any leader to begin improving themselves.

The ProfileXT(R) Team Report evaluates twelve unique scales concerning the cognitive abilities and behavioral characteristics of each team member. It provides managers with a better understanding of how team members fit with one another, and how work-related behaviors fit with those of the team leader.

The solutions were created and launched concurrently to instruct assessment-driven organizations how to coach teams to reach their maximum potential in 2014.

“Users of the PXT understand how to identify the behaviors and disciplines essential to productive teamwork,” said Dr. Amanda Howard, Chief Research Officer at Profiles International. “We developed the PXT Team Report to help organizations take the guesswork out of managing people individually and as a team.”

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