Profiles International Identifies Crucial Behaviors for Customer-Facing Employees

Austin, TX (PRWEB) Oct. 20, 2009 -– Profiles International, a global leader in employee assessments and talent management solutions, has released a report highlighting six crucial behaviors for employees who are directly responsible for customer service. The report suggests that customer loyalty is critical to business success since the lifetime value of a loyal customer can be far greater than the value of a series of single transactions from one-time customers. Additionally, social networking sites give disgruntled customers the opportunity to share their less-than-stellar experiences with everyone they know in a matter of seconds.

“Now more than ever, it’s critical for businesses to build a base of loyal customers,” stated Jim Sirbasku, co-founder and CEO of Profiles International. “This report gives business owners six concrete guidelines for improving customer service.”

Companies that are serious about building loyal customers bases should focus on nurturing the following core behaviors in their customer-facing employees: trust, tact, empathy, conformity, focus, and flexibility.

“What we have found throughout this research is that most of these behaviors are innate. It’s possible to learn them, but that takes time and an inordinate amount of commitment from all parties involved. It’s far more effective to identify those who excel at customer service, use assessments to find out what makes them so good at what they do, and then create a model against which you can match other potential employees interested in the same job,” says Dario Priolo, Managing Director of the Profiles International Research Institute.

Download the full report: “Six Crucial Behaviors for Customer-Facing Employees”

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