Profiles International Identifies Six Keys to Unlocking the Potential of Frontline Managers

Austin, TX February 17, 2010— Profiles International, a global leader in employment evaluation and human resource management assessment tools, has identified six keys to unlocking the potential of frontline managers. This newest report provides the best practices for implementing each of the keys identified.

“One of the biggest mistakes that many companies make is assuming that a good salesperson will be a good manager. What we’ve found is that isn’t often the case, and that many salespeople promoted to management positions don’t even want to be in those positions. The key to good management is finding those individuals who are interested in being managers and who have the skills to do a good job. But don’t just leave them to fend for themselves. Help them develop their skills so that they can live up to their full potential,” stated Jim Sirbasku, co-founder and CEO of Profiles International.

The six keys identified by Profiles researchers include identifying employees with the capability and interest to be good managers, helping managers clarify their teams’ goals and roles, helping managers understand the people they manage, helping managers understand themselves and how they impact their people, avoiding assuming that managers know how and when to coach, and minimizing administrative work so that managers can devote their time to developing people.

“The assumption is that good employees make good managers, but we know that isn’t always true. If business leaders have a clear outline for selecting good managers and giving them the right tools to manage their people, productivity increases and everybody wins,” says Dario Priolo, Managing Director of the Profiles International Research Institute.

Download “Six Keys to Unlocking the Potential of Frontline Managers.”

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