Social media integration upgrades added to SmartSearch® talent acquisition and recruiting business software

OCEANSIDE, CA August 6, 2010 — Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc. (APS), the maker of SmartSearch®, an industry leading talent acquisition and recruiting business solution, further enhanced capabilities for its users to leverage social media sources for engaging candidates and business networking contacts.

Third quarter updates to SmartSearch Version 14 focus on expanding social media sourcing tools. SmartSearch® integration with LinkedIn is expanded with ability to share jobs on the world‟s most popular business networking site. Similar to the existing “share this job on Facebook” option, SmartSearch® users can now share job links on their own LinkedIn profile page, free of charge. Other new LinkedIn integrations provide powerful research tools such as the Company Insider that identifies people at a specified company, with a count of how many are already connected to the user‟s LinkedIn account, and the ability to more easily capture and export information into the SmartSearch® database. To further support the LinkedIn enhancements, SmartSearch® customers have the option of capturing applicant‟s LinkedIn profile URL when they apply for jobs posted on their career sites.

“SmartSearch® has always provided a full suite of relationship management tools to support Web 2.0 sourcing with advanced XML feeds,” said Doug Coull, CEO of APS, “With the release of our Version 14, SmartSearch becomes the industry‟s first system to enable users to access personal profiles and see related records posted on business and social networking communities such as LinkedIn. Plus, we‟re working on adding ability to post paid job listings on LinkedIn, and expect this feature to go live in September.”

For LinkedIn “power users,” the system can be configured so that when users open a candidate or contact record, it automatically searches the LinkedIn community to see if a matching record can be found, and then updates the corresponding SmartSearch® record by adding the LinkedIn profile URL. Users have the option to manually initiate a search based on name, location, or company with a single click; a similar „quick look up‟ feature to find candidates on Twitter is in the works.

For recruiters who use SmartSearch® integration with Twitter to announce job openings, the system adds the option to post updates directly from its convenient Work-In-Progress menu, making it faster and easier for users to tweet anything from within the application.

Another new feature is the ability to “share” job postings site via With nearly 300 sites to choose from via AddThis, and direct integrations with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, SmartSearch® users can promote job openings on virtually any social media site.

Previous versions of SmartSearch® already feature ability for recruiters to export job postings with URL links Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, as well as for candidates to „share a job‟ through links to their personal pages. SmartSearch® social media sourcing functions include ability to store URL profile addresses for business contacts and prospective candidates from an unlimited number of online communities, and fast, easy access to corresponding records in the SmartSearch® database.

SmartSearch® offers proven talent management software that centralizes sourcing, recruiting, applicant tracking, and hiring activities in an online database where all the pieces come together. The built-in Web 2.0 sourcing tools and the third quarter updates to Version 14 are available to all SmartSearch users at no additional cost. These new functions are fully integrated to the base system and can be enabled by users with easy admin configuration tools.

About Advanced Personnel Systems: Since 1986, Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc. leads the way in the development and deployment of quality talent management and recruiting solutions. Having pioneered the field of resume-scanning-based recruiting solutions, APS is a recognized innovator in on-demand technology and recruitment data management. Its signature product, SmartSearch®, currently in its fourteenth release, serves over 165,000 users and 4.7 million job seekers worldwide.

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