Social Media Workplace Expert Speaks in NYC at BrandsConf

Jessica Miller-Merrell Shares Her Story When Your Personal Brand Outshines the Corporate Brand.    

Social media is changing the face of the workplace at rapid speed and companies are struggling to keep up. Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR is an expert on the subject of social media in the workplace. With more than ten years as a corporate human resources professional and recruiter, Miller-Merrell first began using dating websites, chat rooms, and forums to recruit candidates from store managers to cashiers starting in 2001.

Miller-Merrell will be speaking at Digital Anthropologist’s, Jeff Pulver’s BrandsConf Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 in New York City, New York. Miller-Merrell’s topic is, “When Your Personal Brand Outshines the Corporate Brand” and discusses the ever-growing concern from companies worried about their employees after-work and social networking activities.

Miller-Merrell is no stranger to the topic. She began her blogging career in 2007 as a hobby turned into full-time business and career after her employer became increasingly concerned about her social networking and blogging activities. Her consulting company is founded on educating and training organizations and senior leaders on the business case for social media. She works with companies like AT&T, University of Oklahoma and Conoco Phillips.

“Companies are scared of social media. They can’t effectively control and spin the messages that their employees deliver, but what they can do is treat their employees well, listen, learn, and respond both in person and using social media, ” says Miller-Merrell.

Miller-Merrell encourages companies to train their employees on how to use social networks providing them information and insights that the general public are not aware. “By training and educating your workforce on the use of social media, you can set the ground work. Employees are not receiving social media instruction and training at universities and colleges especially since the average age of a social media user is 37 years old.”

BrandsConf is in its second year and seeks to provide insights from brands like Citi, Time Warner Cable, and Coca-Cola exploring the “Humanization of Brands” and the underlying effects this is having on business. Sessions will be made available via livestream at for those that are unable to attend.

Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR is known as @blogging4jobs She’s an author, speaker, and social media workplace expert who spent over 10 years corporate human resources and recruiting roles. Jessica has a passion for recruiting, training, and all things social media. Her book, Tweet This! Twitter for Business, a how to business guide to Twitter was published in February 2010.

Jessica blogs about HR, Social Media Policies, Recruiting, Job Seekers, and Recruiting topics. In addition to writing for her blog at, Jessica is a regular contributor for Fortune and SmartBrief. Contact Jessica via email at or by phone at 405.293-2564.