Study Confirms Health Improvements for Population Using DSM Personalized Nutrition's Corporate Wellness Program

Parsippany, N.J., August 18, 2010—One hundred individuals who utilized DSM Personalized Nutrition’s corporate wellness program for one year achieved statistically significant results including improvements in body mass index, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, according to a case study issued today by DSM Personalized Nutrition, a U.S.-based subsidiary of Royal DSM NV (Euronext: DSM), a global leader in nutrition The complete case study is available for download at

The study presents data on the health outcomes achieved by a sample population of 102 employees who worked in either a manufacturing or office environment and who used DSM Personalized Nutrition’s corporate wellness program between June of 2009 and May of 2010. Prior to participating in the program, the sample population underwent health screenings to establish baseline data for each individual; after one year of utilizing the program, these same participants underwent a follow-up screening to measure results. Among the study’s key findings are the following:

– 14% of the group achieved a clinically relevant weight loss that is associated with reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other obesity-related diseases.
– 27% reduced their blood pressure sufficiently to move into a lower-risk category (e.g., those who were in the “pre-hypertension” category moved to the “normal” category; those in the “stage 1 hypertension” category improved to the “pre-hypertension” category; and those in “stage 2 hypertension” improved to “stage 1 hypertension”).
– 8% of participants with cholesterol problems moved out of the “high-risk” category and into the “desirable” category, while 7% moved from the “desirable” category into the “optimal” category.

For a comprehensive overview of the group’s results, download the case study at

“We’re extremely proud of the results outlined in this case study because they clearly demonstrate that, in as little as one year, our program delivers health benefits that are statistically and clinically significant,” said Michael Tarino, DSM Personalized Nutrition’s president. “Even small, incremental improvements in health metrics such as body mass index, weight, blood pressure and cholesterol create meaningful changes in employee wellness. Equally important for employers, these changes translate into crucial bottom-line results including reduced health care costs, lower absenteeism and presenteeism levels, and enhanced employee productivity. These results show that our program is a good investment for employers.”

DSM Personalized Nutrition offers employers a whole-health wellness solution that helps employees make incremental but meaningful changes to their lifestyle and dietary behaviors. The program provides biometric screenings, on-line health assessments, personalized action plans, one-on-one wellness coaching, online tools and resources, and much more.

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DSM Personalized Nutrition is a U.S.-based subsidiary of DSM (Euronext: DSM), a global leader in nutrition. Its comprehensive wellness program is offered to employers as part of a whole-health approach to reduce health care costs, improve productivity, and positively affect employee morale. The program is designed to help employees achieve their specific health goals and improve their health by implementing small, yet meaningful dietary and lifestyle changes. For more information, visit

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