Who Are the Best Corporate Chair Massage Providers?

Who Are the Best Corporate Chair Massage Providers?

Looking for a company that offers corporate chair massages as a service? We asked seven industry leaders and wellness experts to share their top recommendations. From B.Komplete to Infinity, discover the top seven companies they recommend for this unique service.

  • B.Komplete: Holistic Well-being for SMEs
  • New You Wellness: On-site Touch Therapy
  • Unwind Wellness: Specialized Corporate Massages
  • Zenovate: Comprehensive Wellness Programs
  • Zeel: Customized Massages with Extensive Network
  • Soothe: On-demand Massages with Wide Coverage
  • Infinity: Tech-Enabled Custom Massage Services

B.Komplete: Holistic Well-being for SMEs

B.Komplete is a service that believes every back deserves a massage! Offering holistic well-being services that include chair massage, health fairs, stress reduction workshops, tasting tables, “Ask the Registered Dietitian,” custom challenges, virtual comedy shows, financial webinars, and more.

B.Komplete is a corporate wellness concierge service specializing in helping small- to midsize companies drive healthy and happy workplace cultures.

Beryl KrinskyBeryl Krinsky
Founder and CEO, B.Komplete

New You Wellness: On-site Touch Therapy

New You Wellness, LLC, is based out of Chicago, IL, and offers on-site wellness for corporations, small businesses, and small private events.

New You Wellness’s on-site wellness consists of chair massages to aid staff wellness physically, mentally, and emotionally. The benefits of touch therapy in the workplace help boost morale, build employee-employer relationships, and can help increase employee productivity. On-site wellness also helps staff separate from long hours of sitting, relieve eye strain from looking at their screens, and get tension and stress relief.

The team at New You Wellness also provides mini self-care tips to help empower employees to practice self-care when needed, so that they can be contributing participants in their wellness. On-site chair massage is a great way for employers to show how much they appreciate the hard work their staff does every day.

Natasha WhiteNatasha White
Self Care Wellness Facilitator, New You Wellness

Unwind Wellness: Specialized Corporate Massages

Unwind Wellness, a reputable company, specializes in corporate chair massages tailored explicitly for workplace environments.

Their dedicated focus on delivering relaxation and rejuvenation to employees showcases their commitment to enhancing well-being and reducing stress in the corporate setting. The team of skilled therapists at Unwind Wellness goes above and beyond to provide personalized care, ensuring that each individual’s needs are met during the massage sessions.

By creating a soothing and revitalizing experience, Unwind Wellness contributes to a more harmonious work atmosphere, fostering increased productivity and improved employee satisfaction. Their dedication to promoting employee wellness has earned them recognition and trust from companies seeking to prioritize their workforce’s physical and mental health.

Saneem AhearnSaneem Ahearn
VP of Marketing, Colorescience

Zenovate: Comprehensive Wellness Programs

Zenovate is a reputable company that stands out for its comprehensive chair-massage services and innovative wellness programs tailored to corporate clients’ needs. Their expert team of licensed massage therapists provides on-site chair massages, allowing employees to experience relaxation and rejuvenation without leaving the workplace.

Beyond chair massages, Zenovate offers various wellness programs to promote overall employee well-being. These programs may include yoga sessions, mindfulness workshops, stress-reduction techniques, and fitness classes. Combining chair massages with wellness initiatives, their flexible and customizable approach makes them a preferred choice for companies seeking to enhance the wellness culture within their organization.

With Zenovate’s commitment to promoting employee health and wellness, corporate clients can expect to see a positive impact on morale, reduced stress levels, and improved overall performance within their workforce.

Bill LyonsBill Lyons
CEO, Griffin Funding

Zeel: Customized Massages with Extensive Network

Consisting of 10,000 licensed massage therapists, Zeel is one of the most successful companies specializing in the niche of corporate chair massages. Since its launch in 2012, the brand has provided excellent services to many Fortune 500 listed companies.

Zeel’s service is based on chair massage events at the time, length, and number of participants specified by the client. What makes the session exceptional is the full customization of the occurrence depending on the customer’s requirements. The scope of the session is tailored to the organization’s size, needs, and employees’ gender and age.

Recurring group sessions are also a popular and demanded service that Zeel offers. A sedentary lifestyle has created a need for ongoing back pain treatment for a significant part of the US population. This phenomenon, plus the widely praised quality of the service, contributed to Zeel’s success. The company was included in the list of Fastest-Growing Companies in the Americas, as elaborated by the Financial Times.

Martyna Szczesniak
Martyna Szczesniak, Community Expert, MyPerfectResume

Soothe: On-demand Massages with Wide Coverage

If you’re looking for a company that provides on-demand chair massage services, Soothe is the one for you. This company has over eleven thousand professionals working in over seventy cities. They provide massage sessions and therapy wherever you are—at the office, at home, or on the go.

The massages they offer are top-tier and provided by licensed professionals. The masseuses are all thoroughly vetted, so you get the best experience. For corporations, they even have personalized on-site service packages.

Perry ZhengPerry Zheng
Founder and CEO, Pallas

Infinity: Tech-Enabled Custom Massage Services

There are many companies, but “Infinity” is the best of all for custom-made corporate chair massage service providers. This tech-enabled platform offers massage chairs designed especially to cater to employees’ well-being and improve performance.

Massage chairs have a positive impact on employees’ mental and physical well-being. Infinity’s massage chairs are low-maintenance and long-lasting. When you offer such facilities to your employees, it attracts them to work and stay with your company for a long time. They feel valued.

Rayner TeoRayner Teo
Founder, TradingWithRayner

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