Who Are the Best Executive Assessment Companies?

Who Are the Best Executive Assessment Companies?

Who Are the Best Executive Assessment Companies?

To help you identify the best executive assessment companies, we reached out to founders, CEOs, and HR heads for their expert opinions. From Hogan Assessments’ science-based, global reach to Talent Plus’ expertise and unique approach, discover the top six companies recommended by these industry leaders.

  • Hogan Assessments: Science-Based, Global
  • Korn Ferry: Comprehensive and Customizable
  • Assess Systems: Tailored Solutions, Deep Analysis
  • Lodestone: Human Capital Science, Tailored
  • PI Worldwide: Behavioral Assessment Focus
  • Talent Plus: Expertise and Unique Approach

Hogan Assessments: Science-Based, Global

Based on several industry experts’ reviews and client satisfaction ratings, Hogan Assessments is one of the best executive assessment companies globally. Founded in 1987, Hogan Assessments provides science-based personality assessments that predict job performance, organizational fit, and leadership potential with accuracy. 

Their assessments are rooted in decades of research, and their data-driven insights enable hiring managers to make informed decisions about talent selection and development. Hogan Assessments’ assessors are experienced Ph.D. psychologists who interpret the assessment results accurately and provide actionable insights for individuals and organizations. 

Their assessments are available in over 40 languages and used in over 90 countries, making them one of the most widely recognized and respected assessment providers.

Jefferson McCall, Co-founder and HR Head, TechBullish

Korn Ferry: Comprehensive and Customizable

There are several great executive assessment companies out there, but one that stands out is Korn Ferry. They are known for their comprehensive approach to executive assessment, which includes a deep understanding of the client’s business, powerful assessment tools, and a team of experienced consultants with expertise in a wide range of industries. 

Korn Ferry’s assessments are also known for being highly customizable, so they can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Korn Ferry’s technology and data-driven approach to executive assessment ensures that their assessments are reliable, valid, and predictive of executive success.

Georgi Todorov, Founder, ThriveMyWay

Assess Systems: Tailored Solutions, Deep Analysis

Assess Systems is one of the best executive assessment companies for its sophisticated and proven assessment methods that enable businesses to identify the right talent for the right roles. Their assessment tools and solutions are tailored for specific job roles and drive better results across the employee lifecycle. 

Their approach to assessments using predictive analytics, talent analytics, and scientific rigor delivers precise insights, identifying potential risks, retention risks, and deep analysis of individual personality and behavior for overall cultural fitness within the organization. 

They provide gamified simulations and assessments that show realistic job profiles and assess candidates’ fit. Their assessments also help companies to perform a 360-degree evaluation of the professional and personal competencies of the candidates.

Tarun Saha, Co-founder and CEO, StallionZo

Lodestone: Human Capital Science, Tailored

Lodestone People Consulting uses Human Capital Science steeped in over a century of organizational psychology research as the basis for their assessments. Their personal experience of working within private equity allows them to marry that science by gaining an understanding of the specific investment thesis and business imperatives. 

They then tailor measurement to characteristics needed for that specific situation. They use multiple assessment components, including a specially configured business simulation. In this way, candidates spend LESS time being assessed than with unstructured and/or day-long clinical assessments yet have a more face-valid experience not just talking but also showing their actual job capabilities. 

For this reason, their assessment is also beneficial for leveling the playing field for underrepresented candidates. Their executive assessment predicts success in the role, provides a superior candidate experience with quick results, and is cost-effective.

Sandy Fiaschetti, Ph.D., Founder and Managing Partner, Lodestone People Consulting

PI Worldwide: Behavioral Assessment Focus

While PI Worldwide may not be as well known as some of the other options, their focus on behavioral assessments sets them apart and allows them to provide unique insights into an individual’s personality, values, and motivations. 

This information can be invaluable in identifying and developing top talent within an organization. Their assessments are accessible and easy to use, making them an attractive option for organizations of all sizes. For example, PI Worldwide worked with an engineering firm to assess the interpersonal skills of incoming executives. 

The assessments allowed the firm to identify potential areas for development and make better hiring decisions, leading to more effective team dynamics.

Ben Lau, Founder, Featured SEO Company

Talent Plus: Expertise and Unique Approach

Talent Plus is one of the best executive assessment companies in the world, known for its expertise in identifying and developing talent. Their unique approach to assessments includes a combination of science, psychology, and data analytics to provide comprehensive insights into an individual’s potential and performance. 

What sets Talent Plus apart is their ability to go beyond test scores and behavioral observations, and delve deep into an individual’s motivations, values, and expectations. They have a proven track record of working with leading global organizations and delivering measurable results. With its team of highly skilled professionals and commitment to excellence, Talent Plus is a top choice for executive assessment needs.

Anirban Saha, Founder, MrPlanter