Chally Launches Comprehensive Talent Management Program

Dayton, OH, October 12, 2009 -– The HR Chally Group has launched a new program named Talent Audit 3.0, which provides access to skill comparisons and overall success potentials with predictive accuracy similar to the way a DNA strand identifies genetic makeup of each individual.

Most organizations have identified talent management as a strategic priority. However, the methods they use to evaluate employees are typically flawed. Making effective decisions about talent management is nearly impossible when relying on methods that are subjective, inconsistent, not tailored to specific job skills, or because the results are not meaningful enough to support objective and accurate decision making.

The Talent Audit 3.0 Program is a comprehensive, progressive tool that includes assessment of employees, an aggregate summary report of all scoring for each profile and by skill to easily determine the team’s strengths and developmental areas, individual participant reports and additional assessments, and a refresh of the data for ongoing use. “Talent Audit 3.0 is a process, not a project,” says Howard Stevens, CEO of HR Chally. “It is important to stay focused on not only selecting the right people, but also on constant development and repositioning talent as the business changes. This service gives a bird’s-eye view of current, predictive skill data that assists in making critical talent management decisions, objectively and accurately.” The data included in the Talent Audit 3.0 program is based on actuarial science (law of large numbers) from over 37 years of assessment data

For more information, contact Chally at 937.259.1200 or go to to download the brochure.

About HR Chally: The HR Chally Group, located in Dayton, Ohio, is a sales improvement, talent management, and leadership development corporation. Chally provides Total Quality Sales and Talent Management (TQSalesMTM and TQTalentMTM) tools and research services to more than 2,500 customers in 18 different languages across 35 countries for over 36 years. Chally is recognized as an international technology leader in scientific assessment and prediction for selection, job alignment, and development of sales and leadership.

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