Empathia and Edington Associates Team Up to Help Companies Develop a Culture of Health

Waukesha, Wis / November 9, 2011 — Empathia, Inc. and Edington Associates announced today an alliance to support organizations developing a deeply ingrained culture of health. Together, Empathia and Edington will deliver assessments and tools to build the leadership, sustainable positive behavior change, and measurable results of a healthy workforce.

The alliance pairs the Edington System’s approach to culture of health consultation and development with the Empathia Experience, which applies the science of positive behavior change to individual and organizational well-being. Their assessment process will provide a detailed roadmap for organizations dedicated to improving the health and well-being of their employees within a framework of measurable outcomes.

Dee Edington, Ph.D., renowned wellness pioneer and author of the best-selling book Zero Trends, recently launched Edington Associates, a firm that integrates decades of research into strategies that create “Champion Companies” in the culture of health movement. Dr. Edington’s work shows that significant improvements in workplace wellness can be achieved by aligning organizational culture with proven drivers that catalyze and support lasting behavior change.

Edington Associates is partnering with only a handful of key firms to deliver best-in-class services that augment and enhance outcomes achieved through the Edington System. It was a natural fit for Empathia to collaborate with Edington Associates.

With over 30 years of experience, Empathia is a provider of choice for organizations seeking quality behavioral health solutions, from EAP to leadership development to workplace culture enhancement. In addition, Empathia has been a principle participant in several studies demonstrating the positive benefits that culture-specific behavior change initiatives have on both individuals and their employers.

“Empathia is an expert in organizational design and behavior change that fuel a positive, healthy workforce,” said Dr. Edington. “They offer an invaluable set of tools, including training and software that build strong leaders. Such leaders are essential for organizations determined to ingrain a culture of health.”

“Empathia has long embraced the integration of initiatives for building workplace culture with efforts that support individual behavior change,” said Philip Chard, President & CEO of Empathia, Inc. “The missing piece in many corporate wellness programs is the application of the science of behavior change. By combining the assessment intelligence, tailored strategies and consultative resources of Edington Associates with our behavior change expertise, we can offer organizations a proven path to a culture of health and well-being.”

About Empathia, Inc.
Empathia provides behavioral health solutions that improve the well-being, safety and productivity of organizations and individuals. The company collaborates with private and public sector entities from expansive Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses in addressing a diverse range of needs: employee assistance, disaster response and planning, work-life balance, employee relations, leadership development, training and benefits support. Founded in 1982 under the name NEAS, Empathia has distinguished itself as a quality leader dedicated to creating a superior customer experience for both client organizations and employees. For more information, visit www.empathia.com.

About Edington Associates
Edington Associates partners with organizations worldwide to create and maintain healthy, high-performing workplaces and workforces. Its efforts help clients reduce and eliminate the upward trend of excess healthcare costs and productivity losses. Its “Champion Companies” model the discoveries of Dr. Dee W. Edington’s 30 years of research at the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center. His work is captured in his groundbreaking book, Zero Trends: Health As a Serious Economic Strategy. Edington Associates’ leaders and board members are experts from Pfizer Health Solutions Inc.; HealthMedia, now a part of Johnson & Johnson; and Cigna HealthCare Business Development. For more information visit www.edingtonassociates.com.

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Empathia, Inc.

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Edington Associates