HRSG and Wood Manufacturing Council to Present Online Competency-based Assessment Tool at CAPLA Workshop

Ottawa, Canada — Nov. 8, 2011 — HRSG’s Shaun Vollick and the Wood Manufacturing Council’s president, Richard Lipman, are to co-present at the [Canadian Association for Prior Learning Assessment] (CAPLA) Fall Focus Workshop to discuss a new and unique online [competency-based assessment] tool.

As part of the conference, which will take place in Toronto, Canada from November 13—15, Vollick and Lipman will present “Building Success: Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) Tools for Today’s Wood Manufacturing Sector.” Vollick will discuss the development of the online tool to assist employers, displaced workers and internationally trained individuals to match skills to job requirements for the wood manufacturing industry. HRSG developed the tool in conjunction with the Wood Manufacturing Council.

The free tool will bridge the transferable skills of job seekers with the skill requirements needed for this unique sector. It will feature specific assessments, interview questions and guides for assessing and self-assessing transferable skills. Vollick and Lipman will provide an overview of the PLAR suite of tools, based on HRSG’s i-SkillSuite® 5.

“Hiring managers in the advanced wood processing sector continue to see many job applicants from other industries or countries but have a challenge identifying critical transferable skills,” said Vollick, Director of Professional Services for HRSG’s Toronto office. “Having the capability to identify job seekers, or current employees, with the skills and competencies a company needs adds strategic value to the hiring process.”

The PLAR suite being implemented by WMC uses HRSG’s flagship competency management software [i-SkillSuite® 5.0], which provides organizations with the tools to maximize the benefits of [competency-based talent management], improving productivity with a more skilled and engaged workforce. By tightly linking job requirements with organizational needs, i-SkillSuite 5.0 helps HR professionals strategically manage their company’s talent needs and match employees to jobs that best fit their skills and experience. HR professionals can better determine job fit, ensuring that the right people are in the right roles at the right time.

As managing knowledge assets is vital in an ever-changing labour market, the CAPLA Fall Focus Workshop is centered on recognition of prior learning as an investment in the future.. The three-day event is comprised of plenary sessions and workshops, including an opening keynote from Richard Florida, author of the global bestseller The Rise of the Creative Class and Who’s Your City?

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