Insala Offers HR Professionals New Online Community To Assist With Mentoring Initiatives

Insala, the global leader in technology and services that assists organizations with [corporate mentoring programs] and career development, announces the launch of their new online community, Hi-Impact Mentoring Thought Leaders Club.

The new thought leaders club aims to bring together innovative forward-thinking HR professionals, including learning and development and training professionals responsible for creating and sustaining successful mentoring programs within their organizations. Enrolled members have free access to the club’s network of professionals to share experiences, success stories and knowledge, as well as informal learning materials and other resources to help improve mentoring initiatives.

“We’ve had a fantastic response to our mentoring webinar series over the last 18 months. It was a natural evolution for Insala to offer more resources to our webinar followers who have shown great interest in improving their mentoring programs,” said Judy Corner, mentoring subject matter expert at Insala. “This is a great forum where thought leaders can share new ideas, learn from each other and hopefully avoid typical pitfalls often experienced while launching a mentoring program.”

To join Insala’s Hi-Impact Mentoring Thought Leaders Club, [click here]. For more information on Insala’s mentoring solutions, visit

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Insala is a leading global provider of web-based software for organizations implementing mentoring initiatives. Insala’s [mentoring solutions] include mentoring program implementation for corporations and educational institutions, mentoring training programs, and mentoring software. Please visit us at or for more information.

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