New Assessment Tool Helps Small Businesses Make Better Hires

Online human resource assessment application helps companies reduce turnover and develop key talent

CLEVELAND, OHIO, March 8, 2010 — PsyMax Solutions, LLC, an organizational performance software company, announced the launch of “PsyMax Express”, a human resource assessment application that helps small businesses hire and manage their talent more efficiently and cost- effectively.

Industry studies prove that even one “bad fit” employee can quickly grow into an expensive mistake. A bad hire can cost a company 150% of the terminated employee’s annual salary, not to mention the opportunity cost of not operating at peak performance. Getting the right person in the right job the first time is a critical objective.

PsyMax Express measures a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses on a broad variety of work style characteristics that affect their success in a particular job. Such characteristics include how an employee achieves results, deals with people, solves problems, and manages him or herself. PsyMax Express goes beyond the standard assessment of personality or skill set by providing a description of how an employee will act or behave as they carry out their work role.

Developed by Wayne Nemeroff, PhD, a Cleveland-based industrial and organizational psychologist with thirty years’ experience in the field of leadership and change management, PsyMax Express helps employers (1) match the right person to the right job, (2) save money associated with high turnover, and (3) capitalize on market opportunities by developing key talent.

These are the same tools that are used by industrial and organizational psychologists—the services of which many companies invest thousands of dollars—to help them hire and manage higher-level executive and managerial positions. PsyMax Express makes these tools available to smaller business with limited budgets to hire and select the right managers and employees.

To use PsyMax Express, the user (1) creates a job success profile that identifies the most critical work styles, or behaviors for a particular job, (2) uploads a list of candidates into the system and invites them to take the work style assessment test (which takes an average of half an hour) and then (3) receives a suite of reports that illustrate the degree of fit for each candidate—based on their behavioral tendencies and their values. This empowers employers to see the overall match between the candidates’ behavioral work characteristics and their likelihood of success on the job.

“With so much talent available in the current labor market, how do you choose which person is best for the job? It’s critical for executives and human resource managers to identify candidates with behaviors that will create the most success at a particular job,” says Dr. Wayne Nemeroff, CEO and founder of PsyMax Solutions. “In this economy, choosing the right candidate can be challenging, because there are so many candidates who have similar résumés. PsyMax provides a tool to narrow the field.”

About PsyMax Solutions
PsyMax Solutions is a Cleveland-based organizational performance software company that offers a suite of online human resource assessment tools for employee selection, development, and coaching—to help small businesses maximize the performance of their people and organizations.

Founded by CEO Dr. Wayne Nemeroff of Human Capital Assessments, and headquartered in Cleveland, PsyMax Solutions is a pioneer in development of human capital assessment systems for employee selection, career development , and leadership coaching.

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