Quantum Intech Inc. (dba HeartMath Inc.) will Present Solutions for Reducing Healthcare Costs at the Spring 2010 Investors Circle Network Conference

Quantum Intech, Inc, (dba HeartMath Inc.) has been selected from a pool of 200 applicants to present at the Spring 2010 Investors’ Circle (IC) Network Conference and Venture Fair April 18-20 in San Francisco, California. IC members are interested in products and services that will help promote the transition to a healthy world and a sustainable economy. Quantum Intech was chosen for its innovative and scientifically-validated HeartMath emWave technology and training platform that uniquely solve one of today’s most significant contributors to rising healthcare costs – STRESS. Quantum Intech’s stress-reducing and resilience-building training and technology programs result in significant savings for individuals and employers through increases in wellness and by successfully lowering health care costs. Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., CEO and Catherine Calarco, Chief Marketing Officer for Quantum Intech, will present the investment opportunity at the Spring 2010 Investors Circle Network Conference.

-Is Stress Really a Problem?
Current research shows that stress is an escalating and costly problem. People with high stress have 46% higher health costs. The Journal of the American Medical Association has reported that “workplace stress is as bad for your heart as smoking and high cholesterol.” Data from a three-year study involving 47,500 employees representing 22 companies and government agencies showed depression and stress as the most costly factors to adjusted annual health care expenditures. In a nationwide survey from the American Psychological Association, 32% of Americans reported experiencing extreme levels of stress.

Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., President and CEO of Quantum Intech, Inc., says, “Our company mission is to create a fundamental shift in human health and well-being globally. We are honored to offer the Investors’ Circle the opportunity to invest in a scientifically validated and scalable solution for stress.”

-Making an impact on healthcare costs
“Employers are now focused on proactively managing health care costs by increasing wellness and reducing the ailments and chronic diseases that stress impacts.” says Catherine Calarco, Chief Marketing Officer for Quantum Intech. “Unlike most stress reduction programs on the market today, the HeartMath solution comes with impressive data on the benefits our training programs deliver – benefitting employee’s wellbeing and the financial health of the employer.”

A case study example demonstrates how one of HeartMath’s clients benefitted. The client conducted an independent actuarial analysis to assess the return on their investment in HeartMath program. Significant findings from the independent analysis on client health care cost savings include:

Medical Costs:
• 4% decrease in costs for HeartMath cohort
• 9% increase in costs for Non HeartMath cohort
Essential Hypertension Costs:
• 22% decrease in cost of HeartMath cohort
• 47% increase in cost for Non HeartMath cohort
First Year ROI = 1.95 : 1, projected second year ROI = 3.9 : 1
• Annual Savings HM participant = $585

Healthcare organizations deploying the HeartMath programs report a significant drop in turnover rates, higher employee satisfaction and more productivity. The program has resulted in savings of over $1M for several hospital clients that have utilized the HeartMath approach.

-Making an impact on individuals
In addition, data from 3000+ individuals shows the beneficial impact that HeartMath training and technology programs have produced in just six to nine weeks. These results include:
• 50% drop in fatigue levels
• 46% decrease in feelings of anxiety
• 60% drop in feelings of depression
• 30% reported sleeping better

Individuals using HeartMath’s solution learn how to optimize the physiological processes that underpin health, well-being, increased resilience and high performance.

-Reducing Healthcare Costs with e-Learning Programs
HeartMath is now offering employers an online e-learning training program called, Revitalize You! The program is quickly gaining interest from the corporate and healthcare markets. This high impact program has proven to effectively improve vital metrics for managing precursors to disease, stress and metabolic syndrome. The program integrates the use of the emWave technology. Revitalize You! is self-paced and integrates quizzes and data to help insure participant completion and provide employers with data to quantify their return on investment.

-How it works!
ROI-driven HeartMath programs are based on 18 years of published research that demonstrate the critical link between emotions, heart function and cognitive performance. HeartMath programs include the use of the innovative emWave® technology, developed by Quantum Intech. The technology uses a patented algorithm that measures, in real time, heart rhythms which are reflective of emotional state. The instant feedback from the emWave, combined with the training, enables people to change their stress response and increase their resilience.

In today’s rapidly changing times, ROI-driven stress intervention and resilience building programs need to be as important as weight management, smoking cessation, and other types of wellness education to help keep consumers and the workforce healthy and productive — and companies profitable.

About Quantum Intech
Quantum Intech (www.quantumintech.com & dba HeartMath Inc. www.heartmath.com) is a cutting-edge technology development and high performance training company providing a range of unique services, programs, products, and technology to improve health and well-being, while dramatically reducing stress and boosting performance and productivity. Research studies by Quantum Intech’s non-profit affiliate, Institute of HeartMath, have demonstrated the critical link between emotions, heart function, and cognitive performance. HeartMath studies have been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals such as American Journal of Cardiology, Stress Medicine, Preventive Cardiology and the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. HeartMath’s organizational and healthcare clients include Sabre, Redkin, Stanford Hospital, Duke Medical Center, Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine, Kaiser Permanente, as well as dozens of school
systems and thousands of health professionals around the world.

About Investors’ Circle: (http://www.investorscircle.net/)
The IC Network, a 501 c-4, is comprised of angel investors, professional venture capitalists, foundations, family offices and others who are using private capital to promote the transition to a sustainable economy. Since 1992, Investors’ Circle has facilitated the flow of over $133 million into more than 200 companies and small funds addressing social and environmental issues. Their members tend to invest in areas such as energy & environment, food & organics, education & media, health & wellness, and community & international development. The socially conscious Investors’ Circle, is the oldest and largest angel investors group dedicated to funding emerging social enterprises. This network of angel investors’ care deeply about the well-being of humanity and our planet. Their investment interests lie in products and services that will provide long-term solutions to social and environmental issues as well as those solutions that are prospectively profitable.


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