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Why Should Candidate Experience Be Your Foremost Priority?

By HR Vendor News | April 25, 2022

Do you want to hire quality candidates? Do you want more candidates to visit your career page? And lastly, would you like to win the talent war? Your dream of having a perfect recruitment process can become a reality if you focus on the right factors. It’s a candidate-driven job market. You no longer choose…

The Future of Recruitment is Bright with RChilli Search & Match Engine

By HR Vendor News | April 12, 2022

Every hiring manager seeks a sophisticated and fast-performing tool that will ease the pursuit of a perfect candidate without eliminating the human element from the recruitment process. What makes this quest so challenging with a myriad of search and applicant matching software? Most of these solutions fail to provide recruiters with a comprehensive engine capable…

HRO Today Announces Finalists for Annual Talent Acquisition Leader of the Year Awards

By HR Vendor News | April 6, 2022

Talent Acquisition Leaders to be recognized at the 2022 HRO Today Forum North America May 2-4. HRO Today‘s Talent Acquisition Leader of the Year Awards recognize these leaders for their innovation and excellence in talent acquisition.

SHL’s On-Demand Analytics tool helps companies simplify hiring decisions

By HR Vendor News | March 30, 2022

SHL, the global leader in talent acquisition and talent management recently launched its revolutionary On-Demand Analytics that provides real-time talent insights for a deep dive into a candidate’s journey.  58% of hiring managers do not have the talent data they need to make accurate hiring decisions.  SHL’s On-Demand Analytics tool helps companies leverage talent data to develop strong workforces through improved decision-making processes. …

Sara Gutierrez joins SHL Leadership Team as the Chief Science Officer

By HR Vendor News | March 29, 2022

SHL, the global leader in people science and technology, continues its commitment to upward mobility, with the appointment of Dr. Sara Gutierrez as its new Chief Science Officer. In this role, Dr. Gutierrez will focus on leading the team of SHL’s 300 people scientists involved in deploying deep science and advanced AI to develop industry-best…

HRO Today Announces Finalists for Annual CHRO Of The Year Awards

By HR Vendor News | March 29, 2022

HR leaders in various industries will be honored at the 2022 HRO Today Forum North America May 2-4 Philadelphia, PA – March 28, 2022 – – SharedXpertise Media, publishers of HRO Today magazine and HRO Today Global, producers of the Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings, and organizers of the HRO Today Forums and Educational Events,…

Few HR Professionals Are Involved in Strategic Management in SMB’s – New Study by UKG and the HR Research Institute

By HR Vendor News | March 28, 2022

Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) typically struggle with connecting human resources (HR) work to business strategies. Only 37% of responding HR professionals from SMBs say they anticipate and participate in defining business strategy in their organizations, whereas 30% say they wait to be directed on business strategy rather than contribute to its formation, and the…

Shun Hiring Bias With RChilli Resume Parser In Oracle HCM 

By HR Vendor News | March 27, 2022

Unconscious Bias- often called the silent killer of the recruitment industry, has become a universal problem. Needless to say, there are certain traits that a recruiter prefers and is automatically inclined towards another individual who possesses those. This may include the same culture, educational background, color, political views, or more. Whatever may be the reason,…

7 Inspiring Women in HR Tech

By HR Vendor News | March 8, 2022

The upcoming International Women’s Day theme on 8 March 2022 is “Gender equality now for a sustainable tomorrow.” The theme salutes the spirit of women globally working towards a better and sustainable future for the next generation. At RChilli, we salute the women for their hard work and dedication. RChilli celebrates the achievements of women,…

TalentCulture 2022 Human Resources Technology Leaders Announced

By HR Vendor News | March 2, 2022

Portland, OR – March 4, 2022 – TalentCulture, a leading media outlet and marketing solutions provider, announces the 2022 winners of this year’s human resources technology entries. The selected HR technologies are chosen based on a strict and defined grid of requirements that range from a thorough demonstration of the technology’s power to successfully deliver…